I'd be totally useless without the help(and patience) of this community.

Okay, now.

So, @alderwick has started implementing Varvara(#uxn)'s PPU on the #playdate. Not fully working yet, but it's getting there.

This is likely the first emulator implementation on there.

The Varvara PPU on the #playdate. Time to implement the keyboard device and get Orca going.

2.7” Sharp Memory LCD
Monochrome memory LCD display
400 x 240 pixel resolution


@neauoire this makes me want to see if I can get uxn running on my ereader.

@joemama shouldn't be too hard to get the screen going, I wonder what sort of audio output your ereader has.

@neauoire im pretty sure it doesnt have one but I do think it would be fun to implement an epub reader on uxn on my ereader.

@joemama I've already started implementing a-reader for uxn, so that'll cover all retro handhelds that support uxn.

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