Some info on who is involved in construction at the FDR meadows. Found on

This is your chance to dance so that TERFs have a bad time. Bring something loud.

Here & Now presents:
Anti-Computer Discussion Group

August 18th
Clark Park by the chess tables

This is a discussion group, come having read the material if possible.

“Our society of “IF... GO TO”, codified, aligned, controlled, this society where we connect like trains in a rail yard, desperately hoping to reduce chance and cancel the revolt, where those in power consider themselves the indispensable designer or analyst, where the binary and the quantitative are supposed to solve the crisis, this society in which we live is unbearable and inhuman.”

Memory Loss: Collected Communiques from CLODO

Graffiti from the FDR meadows. There's a communique talking about the connection between defending FDR and defending the forest in Atlanta. Read it

Join us Sunday, August 14th from 1-3 for our next reading discussion. We’ll be talking about “Anarchy & Strategy,” an essay by Aragorn! originally published in Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed (AJODA).

"An anarchist strategy is not a strategy about how to make a capitalist or statist society less authoritarian or spectacular. It assumes that we cannot have an anarchist society while the state or capitalism continues to reign."

You can find the reading here:

As usual, this discussion will be held outdoors at Clark Park – we’ll be meeting, as usual, near the chess tables (look for the disreputable-looking people mostly dressed in black who aren’t playing bocce).

Join @phillyabc for a letter writing to Lore, arrested during the 2020 George Floyd uprising here in Philly.

The Philly Anarchy Fair is coming up next month! Email them for more info at

New zine is about to drop! Paper release this Friday at the film screening, online release shortly after!

@phillyabc is hosting their annual fundraiser for political prisoners. Check them out at

Another attack on an anti-choice institution! Read the communique on

July 22
Movie starts 8PM

Machines in Flames (2022, 50min) was first distributed through a network of self-erasing USB data sticks dropped outside corporate campuses. This prompted warning emails from tech firms who feared the release of its secret history of computational self-destruction. They sought to contain its cinematic search for an elusive group - CLODO - that bombed computer companies in 1980s Toulouse, France.

Journeying through the cybernetic nodes of military, industrial, and socialist development, Machines in Flames exposes how recording devices fail to collect the ashes of history. It is unclear what made corporate security firms most anxious: the film’s fiery archival traces, its viral desktop choreography, the paranoid footage of nocturnal stakeouts, or its philosophical investigation of self-combustion?

Machines in Flames is the debut film of the Destructionist International, and the first in a series on the appetite for abolition in ultra-leftism.

The Destructionist International is dedicated to the negative in all of its forms. It is driven by a shared inclination: a taste for the fury of destruction, away from the dull submission of situations to reasoned judgement. This passion helps DI maintain a militant indifference toward individuals, organization, and institutionalization of any kind. It owes its existence to radical events, those rare situations in which abolition becomes actual.

The Destructionist International works across a variety of creative mediums (text, image, video, sound) and themes (militancy, sabotage, technology, liberation). Its first work was the the film Machines in Flames, in which media scholar Andrew Culp and cultural geographer Thomas Dekeyser retraced the footsteps of CLODO’s historic attacks on computer firms in the 1980s.

Learn more about the film and watch the trailer at

An anti-gentrification action took place on the 17th. Read the communique on

Philly Eviction Defense is having a meeting this Saturday at Clark Park.

We're back! Lol you thought! Expect to see us tabling and getting into things again.

New issue of Anathema is out, with a cute cover too! Read a PDF from

Anti-fascists took down and burned a banner commemorating Jan 6th Capitol rioter Ashli Babbit. Read their communique on

There's a reportback on the @unicornriot website for the September 9th Attica anniversary demo. Read it at

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