Join us Monday. July 26th, 6:30pm at Clark park. We’ll be writing letters to long-time civil rights activist, Black revolutionary, and #politicalprisoner Ronald Reed!

We're also signing cards to political prisoners with birthdays in August: Eric King (the 2nd), Bill Dunne (the 3rd), Hanif Bey (the 6th), Mutulu Shakur (the 8th), and Russell Maroon Shoatz (the 23rd).

Philly George Floyd uprising defendant David Elmakayes has a gofundme set up to raise money for a lawyer. You can donate at and read his writing at

Last night white supremacist group Patriot Front marched through city, was confronted by angry Philadelphians, and eventually detained and escorted away by the police. Read about the incident at and

Check out Toward Insurrection: Anarchist Strategy in an Era of Popular Revolt. A new zine out of Philly thinking through what it means to participate in riots and popular struggles in the US context. PDFs are up at

Registration is open for this year's #RunningDownTheWalls 5K run/walk/roll for #PoliticalPrisoners

Funds go to support #MumiaAbuJamal and sending monthly stipends to 17 other political prisoners.

Secure your place at the event. Register now!


Thank you so much to everyone who helped make the skillshare possible this year! To all the presenters, tablers, volunteers, the food crew, everyone who let us borrow their stuff, everyone who filled in gaps, and everyone who attended, we appreciate you, and without you the event wouldn’t have been what it was. Let’s do more stuff like this!



Todays the big day! Come through for some anarchy!!

Were gunna keep raising money for anarchist prisoners all weekend come donate (cash only) at the welcome table and the h&n table! We only made $115 last night i know we can do we do better than that yall!!

Tomorrow is the first day of the skillshare, we’re screening Wolfwalkers! Come by at 8:30pm for a BBQ, once it gets dark we’ll screen the movie. The event is a benefit for anarchist prisoners so bring some money if you would like. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. All the food will be vegan.

Wolfwalkers is an animated film that runs for 103 minutes. “Wolfwalkers follows the story of Robyn Goodfellowe, a young apprentice hunter who arrives in Ireland with her father during a time of superstition and magic to wipe out the last wolf pack. While exploring the forbidden lands outside the city walls, Robyn befriends a free-spirited girl, Mebh, a member of a mysterious tribe rumored to have the ability to turn into wolves by night. As they search for Mebh’s missing mother, Robyn uncovers a secret that draws her further into the enchanted world of the Wolfwalkers and risks turning into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy. ”

Grays Ferry Skatepark / Grays Ferry Crescent Park is located underneath the Grays Ferry Bridge on the South Philly side. The park is behind the Fedex compound, toward the water. If you need an address to look up 3600 Grays Ferry Ave works. There are a benches and paved paths around the park, getting into the skatepark requires crossing grass or gravel, we plan on having subtitles for the film, we'll be grilling and the skate park is under a busy bridge so expect some smoke and noise.

.:Skillshare Program:.

Bloodfruit Library
Bloodfruit Library is an autonomous library with books in Chicago and we want to come visit Philly! We believe it is critical to be active in rejecting state sanctioned isolation and continue to create and share in social spaces together. The library is a living embodiment of autonomous connection outside of what we're told is possible. We wanna share zines, take home readings shared with us to add to the library, and connect with other people living out freedom here and now.
Fragments.215 will give a presentation on a small book called "The Revolutionary Meaning of the George Floyd Uprising."  Using this book as a foundation, our presentation will focus on the political tasks of the riot in anticipation of this summer. We will also have a table where we will be selling this book along with the zine "215 Rioters: Philadelphia in Revolt" and other Philly-specific zines.
Here & Now Zines
Free anarchist zines.
Industrial Workers of the World Philly
Lockpicking Covert Entry
Philadelphia Reproductive Freedom Collective
Philly Anarchist Black Cross
Socialist Rifle Association
Viscera is an anarchist distro based in Philadelphia. Seller of anarchist print goods and ephemera - books, pamphlets, oddities and more!
Wooden Shoe
The Wooden Shoe is an all-volunteer collectively-run infoshop located in Philadelphia, PA that seeks to embody the principles of anarchism and other movements for social justice. We strive to provide our local community with radical and non-traditional sources of written, digital, and spoken information. We wish to be an empowering resource for activism, organizing, art, self-education, dialogue, community-building, and the anti-capitalist struggle.

        Conflict As Communication, Not Crisis - Zone A
Radical communities unite folks driven by shared values. But because of institutional and social violence, we don't always have shared ideas of how to put these values to practice. We need to start developing communication techniques to navigate conflict, reduce abusive tendencies, to distribute emotional labor more equally within our communities and to create lasting resilience that sharpens our struggles.
This workshop is focused on helping us think critically about how we communicate, what our emotional needs are in conflict and how we can find common ground with loved ones and community.
        Introduction to Radio - Zone B
This class will explore the options available for communicating outside of the traditional communications infrastructure. We will learn the basics of radio technology, different radio "services" available to the average user, and how to use them. We will also introduce other topics that may be of interest, including radio scanning and mesh networking.
        Self-Defense (Striking 101) - Zone A
Even if you vegan you can still learn to serve that 2 piece! In Striking 101 we’ll be walking folx through the basics of duffing fools out with your hands and feet, as well as some of the strategies of hand to hand fighting. Hopefully by the end you’ll have five essential strikes that are good for the gym or the street, and some knowledge how to use them. All you’ll need is clothes you can move around in and some hydration cause we’ll be sweatin a bit by the end.
        Accountability Outside of State Structures: Transformative Justice and Other Alternatives - Zone A
Workshop Description: In this workshop, we will share different models of what accountability can look like in community lead initiatives to address harm. We will be discussing vigilantism, retributive violence, cancelling, individual accountability, and community accountability. The workshop will examine what types of accountability structures we want to create as individuals and collectively as a community. Participants will be provided a workbook zine about different models of accountability.
        The Basics of Body Armor - Zone B
Over the last year we have seen an increase in political violence towards Black Lives Matter protesters, journalists, and street medics. To further the goal of education and advocacy for community defense the Philadelphia SRA is offering this Basics of Body Armor workshop.. Learn about how body armor works, the varying styles of armor, and what armor is suitable for you and others in your community. This course is suitable for everyone, no background knowledge is required.
        Dovetail: A Survival Role Playing Game - Zone B
Do you have a bug out bag? Are you having conversations with your friends about the already ever present climate crisis, fascist death machine, or how to self sustain our communities beyond tomorrow? If you want to reflect on your "prepper" skills, share resources, and examine communication and conflict styles, come hang out and play a fun and heady strategy card game/role playing game. "even if the world was to end tomorrow I would still plant a tree today."
        Firearms and the Law - Zone C
The rising political violence and instability of the last previous years have brought firearms to the forefront of personal and national attention. This course seeks to establish the current legal status of firearms in the city of Philadelphia and explain the often complicated legal details of firearm ownership and purchase. If you've wondered whether or not you can legally purchase a firearm, or are confused about how federal state and local laws affect your firearm ownership, this is the course for you.
        Parkour - Zone A
Parkour/freerunning/l'art du deplacement is a physical practice of learning to navigate and overcome obstacles in one's environment. Sometimes described as the martial art of reach and escape, at its core it is about becoming stronger and more skillful through self-discipline while practicing freedom of the spirit by moving through and exploring your environment. Parkour is a long journey, and the outcome of one session would physically, at best, be a good workout where people might learn some good, basic exercises they can use to start that journey. But what I really aim to share is that by changing our relationship with our own body, it's possible to change our relationship with the world and to begin to see new possibilities and pathways in the same places where none existed before. Ideally, people leave that space seeing a fence as not an oppressive object, but a feature that we can use to help reach higher and further.

        Respirator - Zone B
The mass protests of 2020-21 were met with brutal police crowd control tactics, most notoriously the tear gassing incident on I-676. Information on how to survive and counter tear gas has flooded social media and other internet communications channels. However, this information is often inconsistent and incorrect which has resulted in many misunderstandings and some outright myths which can be extremely harmful. This presentation aims to debunk some of these myths and promote meaningful protest safety using appropriate respiratory protection.
        Circumventing Cognitive Disonance: the Importance of Creative Propaganda and Political Art - Zone A
A discussion on the influence and impact of visual art to highlight radical ideas within a community, and how we can use our creativity to urge us towards collective action.
        What is "Neoliberalism”? - Zone B
Have you heard the term "neoliberalism" in critiques of capitalism, but not really known what it meant? This introductory-yet-comprehensive workshop will offer a description of neoliberalism as: 1) a late stage of capitalism; 2) a political-economic framework that describes a relationship between the state and the market that differs from classical liberalism; 3) a historical-materialist 'event' on a global scale (one that, specifically, intensifies environmental harm and the exploitation of/violence against women of color in an international division of labor, for the benefit of multinational US-finance wealth); and 4) a dominant or hegemonic cultural phenomena that shapes our relationship to time, the idea of the self, cultural values, etc. 
The workshop will consist of approximately 45 minutes of explanatory overview and 15 minutes of small group discussion and share-back. Participants with no prior knowledge are welcome Participants who want to collectively think and talk more about this stuff are also welcome.
        Bleeding Control Class - Zone A
With Philadelphia experiencing its worst gun violence in decades, the presence of a trained responder can be the difference between life and death. Death by blood loss is the leading cause of death from traumatic injuries AND the most preventable.This course will train you to identify and control life threatening bleeding using tourniquets and commonly available medical tools.
        Mending Clothes- Zone A
Bring an item or two of clothing to repair and learn some mending techniques. Live sewing demonstration, Q&A, and sewing circle. Participants will be given a sewing kit
        Know Your Rights - Zone A
We'll talk about your rights in a few scenarios including on the streets, if cops knock on your door and if you get pulled over.
        Oscillations - Zone B
Fragments.215 will give a presentation on a small book called 'The Revolutionary Meaning of the George Floyd Uprising.'  Using this book as a foundation, our presentation will focus on 1) the political tasks of the riot, 2) the current oscillations between riots and more diffuse forms of resistance, and 3) our thoughts on how militants should proceed in the current moment. We hope this presentation will serve as a springboard for a larger, collective discussion.

**All day, both days in the tabling area**
        Lockpicking and Covert Entry
Every day we see and interact with locks of all kinds, but not many a person knows how they actually work or how to get past them without a key. I intend to teach this is in a simple, easy to comprehend and replicate way with tips on how to make your own tools for free.

Accessibility Information:
Greys Ferry Crescent Skate Park: There are a benches and paved paths around the park, getting into the skatepark requires crossing grass or gravel. We plan on having subtitles for the film, the food is all going to be vegan, we'll be grilling and the skate park is under a busy bridge so expect some smoke and noise.

Bartrams North: Some seating is available in the form of stone benches and wooden boat-like structures that are one step up to get into, there are also paved paths but a lot of the area is grass or dirt, the area is on a slight incline, some chairs will be available in the workshop spaces. Vegan food will be available, it’s being grilled so expect some smoke near the cooking.

Bring your own bug spray, sunscreen, water, seating, hand sanitizer and a mask. These locations are outside, there are no restroom facilities in the immediate area.

We ask that people reach out with their specific needs to

We're one week out! Workshops to be released in the next couple days.

Almost a year after the fact, FBI arrested someone yesterday in Massachusetts, accused of taking part in the arson of a PA state police car during the George Floyd unrest last May.

Join us Monday May 24th, 6:30pm at Clark Park! We’ll be writing letters to Ruchell Cinque Magee - the longest held #PoliticalPrisoner in the U.S., having been locked up since 1963.

We'll also be signing cards for Palestinian freedom political prisoners:

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah
Dr. Issam Hijjawi Bassalat
Khalida Jarrar
Layan Kayed
Ahmad Sa’adat
Khitam Saafin

nazi getting got 

Imagine dressing up in full camo and nazi imagery for a date only to get ambushed in Rittenhouse Square. It's more likely than you think! Read the report on

We're excited to be publishing a new zine, Acrid Black Smoke: Revisiting Blessed is the Flame in Insurrection and Anti-Politics! From the introduction:
“The purpose of this zine is to revisit a particularly influential piece of contemporary anarchist and nihilist writing in Blessed is the Flame by Serafinski, with heavy focus on history, and apply some of the concepts explored to the uprisings of 2020.”
Download the PDFs

A pretty banner in solidarity with the Palestinian and Colombian resistance was hung, and a noise demo took place on May Day. Read about both on

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