this lady called corporate on me because i couldn't find her lost and found item

i am so sick of working in hospitality the emotional labor is killing me lol

so i work in a hotel and i have to email professionally a lot. and i have autism so i have a very specific way of explaining things in emails because WTF does professionalism mean?? and many people have told me i'm being condescending or rude and i don't understand.

BUT i used my email skill(?) to write a very aggressive email to my landlord because there's a wasps nest outside my window and she has been rejecting it for quite a while. i told her she was useless and we don't have PPE or any experience with extermination of pests and that due to the position on the roof and if she would prefer that we go head first or face first into the window? and the wasp nest is gone 😂

can i get a ??

i called out sick because i've been exposed to covid and my boss cut me down from full to part time

would you invite (you or your partner's) ex to your wedding

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a guy came in asking for a room and i told him it's sold out and even then our price is 269 a night and he made this face and said "oh..... what if i told you...... i was in the air force?" i can't make this shit up. and i said "sir we are still sold out of rooms" AND HE LOOKED SO FUCKING DEFEATED HE JUST SAID "oh...ok."

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lmfao i had this lady shout at me over the phone because i told her the price of our hotel room so i put the phone down and just browsed on my phone until i heard her stop shouting lol

at least there's no chaos star discourse on here

my ML gf was arguing about the chaos star with me like can i just have my coffee i don't need irl shitty discourse 🤣

i work in hospitality and today i’m the only front desk agent with 3 large groups coming in 😭😭 and i make shit pay

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