I'm not like other girls. Summer is the source of my seasonal affective disorder.

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I'm not like suicidal at all, in fact I've done a lot of healing & recovery over the past decade or so, but damn sometimes it sure feels like this can't go on.

I feel bad bc it seems like so many people like the sun but she literally makes me sick I hate her with my life. A day in the sun?? A nightmare. A cancer-causing catastrophe.

I was thanked as an ally today & first I was like "wtf workplace harassment is my fight too!" but then I realized she meant it in like a individual relationship w/in an institution kind of way

"It doesn't matter if the temperature is right, sticky chicken should be rejected" I swear to god even Texas's food handler cert was less stupid than this

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Never gonna work in another god damn kitchen I swear to god this is it

I just started a barista/line cook job on the 8th, is it inappropes to ask for the 24th off to do the trans march in sf?

@gracie img description: rainbow conchas with the label "mari- conchas," a portmanteau of maricon and conchas

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This is getting hell on the birdsite but I think it's fucking hilarious

Just got to hang with my friend Larzy for the first time since the pandemmy started & she's such a cool dude I've missed her so much


*providing employment references to places that don't know me post-transition. You have to say, right there on the application, "hey I'm trans, they know me by [MAN'S NAME] and also might not work there any longer.

img description: rear of a dark blue subaru outback with a champagne-colored bumper. On the left, a bumper sticker that reads: "how am I driving? how does an engine even work? How can a loving god create such agony?" Below the license plate is a decal that says "I heart milfs." There is below that a trans flag diagonally bisected by a black flag, like the anarcho-communist flag, with the silhouette of an AK-47 over the top. Next to that is a black sticker that says "your interest in beauty is not trivial" in textura font. Then, on the bottom right is a white sticker with black text in creeper font that says "that's not what nihilism means." The license plate is visible but has been pixelated out.

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Motorcycles are fun, they're awesome even, but if you wanna show up somewhere looking nice, with maybe earrings/heels/dress/coat? No way.

@gracie for context, this is because I live in a 30 year old camper on the back of a 40 year old rustbucket next to a dog park in an older suburb in Berkeley. Almost everywhere I go I lower property values if I stay for longer than a night.

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People hate gentrifiers, but they also hate when you bring property values down. Just some reporting from the Side of the Street.

"I'm never gonna have to work at a bike shop or cafe ever again!" is what I said after going to law school. I said the same after entering grad school. And yet, look at me now. Printing out resumes. Talking about sram v xtr 1x11.

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