If we really had FALC then every home would be a McMansion 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

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Make America Great Falls

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it will never not be insane to me how intense may-july 2020 was, how wide-ranging the social mobilization during that period was, how intense the hammer came down, and, most of all, how much the actual dynamics of that period got memory-holed and never spoken of again twitter.com/chadloder/status/1

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Preliminary thesis on the back seat driver.

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It's estimated that $16.7 BILLION was spent on mid-term elections in the US. Imagine how many twisted teas that could buy.

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I am begging trans people to consider that their doom posts (not factual posts about negative things, the ones treating the worst possible outcomes as inevitable) could push a suicidal person over the edge.

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ALF Liberate 800 More Mink from Pipkorn Farm (Michigan)

all mink (800) released from pipkorn farm: a delayed response to the farmer’s open letter from 1999;
sorry it took us so long to respond (we weren’t born yet). to remind you.

Read full communique:

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free Nikita and every trans woman in any prison of any gender no matter what they did.

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I said the same thing to the person who was starting that subreddit (they deleted it) and they asked what about isolated rural anarchists. Bro, just start doing things. I grew up in a small town, I started a food not bombs with my highschool friends. twitter.com/PghAutonomy/status

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Yes I am a dreamer of the impossible, but I practice Anarchy, I don’t dream it. I have condemned today’s humanity, and I stretch the bow of my will to realize myself against it — not within it. For now I quench my thirst only at the spring of my inner beauty.

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