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self care is also being honest with yourself about your negative habits and mistakes. it’s also taking ownership of your faults and growing from them. self care is diverting from a negative space to a positive one. creating light and balance. blooming. watering your own flowers.

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SCOOP: a group of "hackers on steroids" gained access to a large dataset belonging to Epik, the web host of the Texas GOP website, Texas Right to Life website, and anti-abortion snitch website.

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There’s a whole network of Assange cultists, Boog Boys, Assadists, Grayzone employees, MPP people & “left” podcasters who advocate the radical left work w/ the far-right against “the establishment.”

The only common thread — they are grifters & opportunists to their very core.

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Over the past few years everyone from tiqqunists to tankies have defended "left-right unity" in the name of building numbers but that is bullshit. It shouldn't be controversial to draw lines in the sand.

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If someone points out that you are sharing space with or being infiltrated by fascists, the correct response is “oh shit thanks for the heads up, what do we need to do to be sure that doesn’t happen again?”

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@ancomrade@twitter.com @haaylirae@twitter.com Ska Punk Did 9/11

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the Mariners are never going to win conventionally. it's time to begin asymmetric warfare. guerrilla baseball.

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I (completely sincerely) love everyone saying he was outside the base path. if you're out of the base path the pitcher should be allowed to shoot you with a gun.

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optics this optics that but what really got me interested in anarchy was the things y'all call "bad optics"

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Mutual aid not as activism but as the basis of our everyday relationships

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today is the 50th anniversary of the attica prison uprising. it’s devastating to think about how much the prison industrial complex has expanded and become more violent. incarceration has increased 800% since that rebellion. time.com/6094884/attica-annive

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