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on of our ongoing projects is raising awareness of the work being done by our comrades in @abcdd/Solidarity Collectives, @abcbelarus, and ABC Moscow.

So here's a reminder that we have Information and zines to distro (including flyers with donation info) collected at

Solidarity is our weapon!

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note: it is the official policy of that tankies should go fuck themselves.

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On the evening of Saturday, November 19, chainsaw-wielding militants took action to close down the Atlanta Police Department’s shooting range inside the Weelaunee Forest, where APD trains weekly to kill and maim the people of Atlanta. A few small trees were selectively felled in order to block the access road to the shooting range. One of the felled trees hit a power line which provides electricity to the shooting range, leading to a power surge which blew a transformer and disabled the cameras, which were then destroyed with fire and hammers. The power line only services the shooting range. No residential areas were impacted by the outage.

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I think it would be really ironic if Andy Ngo actually got his skull smashed in with a brick boosted

Someone appears to have removed some posters I put up on a blank well directly adjacent to a cork message board……… these fuckers don’t know who they’re messing with, DISTROISM WILL WIN boosted

Thanks to other comrades, we created a new and will be winding our old one down in two weeks:

you can also enter the proxy address directly in the Signal app if needed:

and if you need signal for Android, you can send an email for a direct link:

Solidarity with everyone resisting imperialism, dictatorship, and all forms of repression. May a light always reach you in the darkest places.

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hypothesis: if your 'anarchist' position is indistinguishable from a liberal position, perhaps it's not really an anarchist position

@edistro fucking come at me, Medea. you and your fucking boog buddies.

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surveillance state 

in case anyone doesn't already know: yes kick cops out of your communities. but don't organize on mastodon. it's absolutely not secure. sure, use encryption, but still don't put anything in signal you wouldn't want showing up in court. turn your phones off, leave them at home, and go for a walk. if you think that's extreme you haven't been paying attention to developments in the surveillance state and extensions of that power to local police departments. look up "stingrays" for the tip of the iceberg boosted boosted

About two months ago, a Kurdish girl was taken into custody by the morality police in Iran allegedly her outfits did not match the instruction of the Iranian government for women. #mahsa_amini died in police custody. Her death sparked a nationwide protest against the compulsory hijab and the deeds of the morality police. The theocracy has resorted to full suppression of the protestors, killing over 300 Iranians but the protesters have not backed down yet.
The ongoing protests in Iran prove that after 40 years of imposition, the theocracy has failed to get the people accustomed to the forced hijab. In the last four decades, the Iranian people have taken their demands to the street every two years or so. In a country where the opposition is not allowed, no political party can operate except the Party of the Islamic Republic to articulate the people's grievances and provide them with alternatives. In a country where no democratic means such as referendum and free election exist, and only two branches of the same party pass the presidency to each other, the people have no choice but to take their every demand to the street.
Iran is a historically rich country with some of the most creative, talented, and intellectually adept people. It has the potential to transform the entire Middle East should it free itself from the shackles of the current theocracy. If the theocracy in Iran backs down, the democratic, genderwise equal, and the secular Iranian nation would certainly pass the torch to the people in Afghanistan to find their way out of the current environment of religious fanaticism, ethnicism, and intolerance. boosted

many of the so-called "reformist anarchists" are simply social Democrats that cannot handle the failure as of their ideology so they take the label of another so they can pretend to be something new when in reality they are something that has been tried and failed many times. boosted

On Twitter, some people are warning that Mastodon server/instance admins can read your DMs. As if this would somehow be worse than Musk and Zuckerberg reading your messages.

More importantly: if Twitter & Facebook have taught us anything, it's that you shouldn't use a *public* social media platform for exchanging *private* messages.

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"Apolitical"? Ah, you mean might makes right with a facade of flimsy plausible deniability boosted

Autonomous Action (Avtonom): **“I take a sick leave” How mobilization affected workers?**

"Antifond — is a common project of Antijob, Feminist Anti-War Resistance and Antiwar Sick Leave (Antivoenny Bol"

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You know one thing I will say about CW’s is demanding a group of people being murdered to CW their topics like you are owed that is privilege. You’re privileged enough to be able to ignore violence. Think about that.

In many places, we haven’t solved safety problems. Try being trans in Texas or Oklahoma.

Oppressors don’t care if we CW our posts or not. Plugging your ears doesn’t solve anything.

If you stay neutral during this time, you’ve taken the side of the oppressor. boosted boosted
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