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note: it is the official policy of that tankies should go fuck themselves.

no exceptions. boosted boosted

A public service announcement for you and the loved ones in your life:


End of PSA.

Image is a screencap of this article:

the amount of sign tapping recently has been not good!!! this shouldn't be that hard. boosted boosted, Anarcho-Communist Combat Organization, Final Straw Radio - Ongoing Sabotage and Resistance to War in Russia and Ukraine boosted

gender/street fascism discussion 

big lesson from an action I was not part of today but had relaying to me by a mate: the gender fash/street fash convergence is here to stay, they are the same now. the wider 'left' needs to get it together *now* and stop treating transphobia as separate to fascism rather than now being an integral part boosted

Cops and bootlickers 

V disturbing and surreal and kinda demoralizing moment a lil bit ago when bird app told me cops were hunting for the classic “18-20yo black males”, so I went out to copwatch. One side of the road: buncha pigs waving flashlights around, didn’t see anyone else keeping an eye on em. Other side of the road: national night out white people party with bbq and shitty box wine probably, not giving a single goddamn. boosted

Cops and bootlickers 

This was a minute bike ride from George Floyd Square in MPLS btw, in case anyone has any illusions about most people here having learned a goddamn thing since 5/25/20

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overheard tonight on the Minneapolis Police Scanner:

cops: "We're heading directly towards 38th and Chicago [George Floyd Square]. Permission to discontinue search before we reach that area?"

dispatcher: "Permission granted."


so one of the things I've learned from other distros is that you've got to be funny!!!!!


hi this a friendly reminder to please not use commercial website providers like weebly or wordpress dot com when setting up a sketchy anarchist site.

consider using! or please ask us for help. we're happy to do it!

on of our ongoing projects is raising awareness of the work being done by our comrades in @abcdd/Solidarity Collectives, @abcbelarus, and ABC Moscow.

So here's a reminder that we have Information and zines to distro (including flyers with donation info) collected at

Solidarity is our weapon!

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