some probably 70 year old guy just walked on the metro and, though he has headphones in, his music is still coming outta his phone. it is some dirty ass noise music. i wish to know this man

i will be progressively more annoying about this as the date draws near, thanks for your understanding

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announcing the 2022 montreal anarchist bookfair party! location tba! 10pm to late! boosts v appreciated! :party_parrot: :nihil_boost:

also if someone wants to lend a generator to a good cause 👀

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montreal folks! iso a way to print some colour flyers for free or very cheap! do you know a place? would you share the knowledge?

cronenberg, horniness (bonenberg? 👀) 

someone on here said of crimes of the future: 'horny cronenberg is back'. i believe that person is correct. also what was the song in the ears scene it was so good.

anyone on here tabling at the mtl bookfair and interested in putting up a zine of sean bonney interpretations of beaudelaire poems? hmu!

is there a tor browser app for ios that actually works decently? i've tried like four and i feel like they all don't really work

okay so can we still talk about how great the s.h.i.t. show was? still vibing on it. so nice to dance like that with people again, so cool to see familiar faces, many i hadn't seen in years. grounding to be in a familiar space. and s.h.i.t. just killing it start to finish. i'm so glad we get shows again, may the bookfair be as heartening 💞

hey someone i follow posted a funny tiktok of someone doing a hockey bro impersonation and i wanna watch it again and i can't find it haaaalp!

the hilarity of living partially off grid so you can spend three days in a row chopping up coaxial cable to try and figure out why your elon musk internet isn't working

i know i won't be able to come up with a name before i actually have a dog but i've been thinking about names and here's my shortlist so far:

- sodapop curtis
- pickle
- vinny
- olaf

favs? worsts? other ideas to toss about? lay em on me

i am currently for now on ios (i know i know) and using this app called tootle and it kinda sucks. any mastodon apps on ios folks recommend? (@coconut_noodle 👀)

am in need of some inspiration to get me thru the dark so i'm iso new theory recommendations. looking for contemporary shit that's got you going recently

alright everyone it's mutual aid time. let's get this into Moxie's hands. moxie, where ye at?

bring back the good shit mox

alright this is for the 438punkhouse folks: where's the vegan eggnog in the city?

nietzsche reciting 'fear is the mindkiller' à la imogen (@dreamsbs3 on birdsite)

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