the thing i hate the most about the "trans community" is how deferential so many are to authority figures, especially therapists. why would i ever trust a therapist or a psychologist or a psychiatrist (don't care/know what the difference is), professions that have (and continue to) inflict so much suffering and death with their gatekeeping and mediation. and you have no idea going into talking to one of these expensive professionals what their "deal" is, so you already need to know so much so they don't sucker you with some of their personal prejudice or pet theories.

what is the point of experts if you need to have an independent understanding of their discipline to know if they're full of shit or not because them having a credential doesn't tell you much

@deluge also, if you end up having to do all of the research yourself for them to finally admit that you have an illness, when it becomes deadly. i don't know how many uterus-havers i've listened to, saying they have PCOS, or feeling the symptoms of it but not knowing they have it, and the doctor will find any way at all to say "no you don't", "you're drunk, that's the problem", and other gaslighty ableist shit.

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