fuck the police > abolish the police

"abolish" already starts out as a kind of policy demand, ready to be watered down and compromised away like all demands on governance. and making demands on government for better conditions is playing the role of citizen.

contempt and hostility toward my enemies feels like a better place to start and not making demands between their various manifestations

cultivating hostility toward police and frustrating their efforts is something everyone can do in many creative ways. but there is not really anything that anyone can do about "abolishing" the police, including people in positions of "power"

@deluge I was having a little think about this the other day. Very well said.

@joemama i saw people online squabbling about "abolish" and "defund" and whatever and i thought about how pointless this all is, how having the "correct" policy preference does pretty much nothing. and these abstractions obscure real potentials for living and relating in different ways


exactly this. fostering a broader unresolvable, untamable antagonism against not only police, but *policing at large* is infinitely better than the simple (and fundamentally impossible) demand of abolishing police.

the best thing coming out of the abolition wave is that some people realized that the state can’t abolish its police or armed forces — an existential contradiction. but come now, did we really think Mpls city council was gonna follow through with its abolition plan? please…

@deluge the only way to get rid of the police is to make them unneccessary. There will always be people who harm others and don't have self-control so if each neighborhood looked out for themselves and each other....Most people don't have the time to do this unfortunately.

@doublemonkeyfun i don't think this is the actual role of police but even if it were i would harbor nothing but hostility toward it, just as i would a neighborhood watch hellscape

@deluge to me it boils down to what level of structure people need to function. I prefer no rules but when my kids got old enough to tell me what they wanted they surprised me by how necessary rules and structure were for their happiness. They are enjoying formal education which I hated. A lot of people wouldn't be happy without an external force setting limits or providing rules. My children taught me that.

@deluge abolish the police actually means bring in the federal police. That's their plan behind this abolish the police psyop. Ya'll being played for morons... again.

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