anti-civ texts are too optimistic

between urban fantasies of taking over urban spaces for distribution and 2010s-era climate naiveté not yet up to date with the true scale of the disaster

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@deluge Imo the idea that that the state and capital will lose their grip fast enough to be recognizable on the scale of a human life is seeming to be a bit of a longshot also

@bugs @deluge At the risk of sounding like a Marxist, I think a change in material conditions can bring about rapid changes in prevailing ideology, it's just unlikely to do what we expect when that happens.

@zulikath @bugs i guess i see that sort of change as a shifting of the logistics of domination, not its undoing. i don't care much for the balance of state vs capital, it's all the same game

@deluge @bugs I had situations in mind more like the abolition of slavery or the delegitimization of monarchy or the general trend toward secularism in government. These happen fairly quickly in the places that they happen. Each of these institutions lasted a very long time and barely hang on today in very limited form. If I only saw power as shifting between capital and the state I'd be disinterested also, but the disruptive technological and social environment we've made is quite destabilizing, our material conditions are changing quickly. Guess I'm just saying, be on your feet when things start changing quickly.

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