i don't think anyone has ever met an anarchist

fortified zones are interesting in that while they protect one area at great cost, they in another sense also concede the area outside the walls

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a green zone in the heart of the capitol, as the empire devours itself

if you see buddha on the road, no you didn't keep walking

amusing to watch "the fediverse" tear itself apart

the apocalypse has happened many times before, but here we are

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destroy the new world born from the ashes of the old too

witnessing the fragmentation of mass politics into so many conspiracies. but perhaps it always so?

the chainsaw wants you to cut down the forest.
the automobile wants you to go to work, to go shopping, to burn petroleum.
the internet wants you to dox yourself.

there is no such thing as an anarchist society

civilization has already collapsed. we walk among ruins and wayward souls

nihilists must say what only nihilists can say: nothing

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watching my enemies attack each other in a spectacular skirmish, may i be so fortunate

@bugs if you walk far enough down to where both ends of the joy-despair axes meet, and whisper "my desires, although beautiful, are also a product of a civilization that must be destroyed" to your reflection in the pond, you'll be transported to a place that's always moving and ephemeral, now lush and soon desert where no one project lasts forever and that's where you'll find me. Dancing in the ruins.

i think a lot about how this civilization manufactures our attitudes, desires, and lifestyles in order to better serve the needs of the death machine on its march toward the domestication and certain oblivion of every living thing.

it is a monster which is so ancient, so pervasive, but also familiar or even comforting. and its manifestations spring forth from our everyday routines and actions, as we were built by the machine for this purpose

> The impact of human civilization on the biomass of mammals.

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