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it's nice to know that space junk in orbit can cause a situation of cascading failure known as kessler syndrome

i've never heard of a ransomware attack i didn't enjoy

sort of love it how everything out here on the periphery is unhinged in a completely unpredictable dimension

every time i print zines it takes several attempts to get the margins decent

another online communication platform becoming a payment processor with "tips", enforcing a dual disciplinary regime where you must please both your numerous benefactors and the platform's corporate policy to maintain an income stream, not only access to a communication medium

which is just another way of saying i wish they were more anarchist. but the pull of self-delusional positivity is strong

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i have no interest in helping this civilization to solve its existential issues and there's nothing i could do anyway, but i think the growing recognition that there is no future provides helpful subtext to understand events and plan accordingly for the upcoming contours of a global society in decay

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whenever i dig into this topic i find that things are much worse than i previously thought, and i already think the situation is pretty dire

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reasonable chance of human extinction this century, but everything continues along as usual

pretty fucked up how they built a snitch hotline you can call to dispatch a gang of armed men who might kill anyone including you when they show up and people call this number all the time

farmers don't have money but have infinite food and plants if you can make arrangements for different kinds of work they might need

i would imagine this might cause a very "last stand" mentality among those enforcers who have accumulated a long enemies list with their everyday cruelty when the situation begins to unravel

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why aren't cops, judges, prosecutors, wardens terrified of reprisals? their reign of terror could stall at any moment, and people have very long memories

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