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Hi i should probably write a re-intro post on this new server but i'm not feeling terribly wordy right now. just a quick one:

I make weird games and art using game engines, like 3d especially lofi or other non realistic aesthetics. highly value open source and hate intellectual property. im an anarchist of some market variety, like to talk economics and politics. love / hate relationship with computing. taking yoga seriously lately, spending a lot of time in the ashtanga dungeon. uhhhh yeah!

Pirate Library Mirror
"Pirate - We deliberately violate the copyright law in most countries. This allows us to do something that legal entities cannot do: making sure books are mirrored far and wide.
Library - Like most libraries, we focus primarily on written materials like books. We might expand into other types of media in the future.
Mirror - We are strictly a mirror of existing libraries."

minority report set computing back like 20 years, those stupid UIs.... god

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we're officially at 'voluntarily watching tom cruse films' level of corona sick.

In the summer of 2009, The Swimming Cities of Serenissima sailed from Slovenia to Italy and made its way up the Grand Canal in Venice.

Brooklyn artist Swoon (a.k.a. Caledonia Curry) conceived the Swimming Cities' shanty boats, built from salvaged junk as a collective artwork.

Her work was included in Radical Seafaring at The Parrish Museum of Art, in 2016, which likened work created on the water by contemporary artists to the Land Art movement of the '60s/'70s;

Photos by Todd Seelie.

this looks cute, trying to find more anime where things actually *happen* and relate to world building (in this case it's literal hahah)

linux, intense eye-contact 

Can I interest you in a LINUX?

goddamn look at this delicious game. inventory management is just floating items in little bags, you can infinitely nest bags in other bags to sort your inventory

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i have successfully time time traveled to my young teen self. staying inside all day on a nice saturday, playing ultima online, eating bread with nothing on it, talking to my online "boyfriend" (partner in next room via texting)

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well it's been literally 20 years, lets reinstall ultima online during corona times

@roboneko oh... you suggested i follow people from kiwifarms? no thanks, gross shit

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@roboneko hey btw mastodon showed your follow as a 'follow request' saying i might want to be careful even though i dont have follow approvals enabled. is it confused about the specific type of instance you're on? also your messages didnt come through til i approved

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