@coconut_noodle I love that it says "would leave customers nowhere to park" but in the rendering there's clearly visible bike parking.

@owl @coconut_noodle the only explanation is that all of them only sell auto parts

@daniel_bohrer @owl @coconut_noodle A store that sells vehicle parts definitely should have bike stands...

@daniel_bohrer @owl @coconut_noodle i' not even sure of that one

like, what kind of store sells stuff such that:

1. you can get shoplifters stealing and escaping on foot

2. you can NOT get a shitton more people popping in as they walk past where they would not have stopped their cars

i'm really questioning who exactly it is that's voicing these protests - is it any actual business owner or just a busybody landlord or business association executive?

@carcinopithecus @daniel_bohrer @owl @coconut_noodle
so I'm involved in a group that's advocating for a completely different bikeway thing but there are at least some actual business owners who voice this kind of protest. it's fucked up but true - the actual owner of a literal cat cafe on the street where we want better infra for busses and bikes is one of the loudest pro-car, anti-bus and bike voices on that project.

@owl @coconut_noodle Irony is, a significant part of that road is already pedestrianised, with several parking spaces nearby.

@coconut_noodle I assume that cars can't be used as getaway vehicles... 😆

@coconut_noodle Feels like we need a meme where more cars, resulting in traffic, resolves the getaway car problem.

@coconut_noodle that's it! we should close their shop doors up with brick walls! no shoplifter can get through that!

@coconut_noodle 😂😂 that’s a new one for me, “drug dealer getaway” 😂😂

@coconut_noodle Nobody had anywhere to park anyway, they'll continue parking in the bike lane, and how many times do people actually park next to a shop and go in rather than cycling past and hopping in?

@coconut_noodle Who needs gateway drugs when you can have gateway street pavement?


didn’t expect business owners to be at the cutting edge of developing new illegalism, big win.

@coconut_noodle I can safely speak from experience that Middlesbrough _definitely_ needs that.

Business owners can cry about it. :blobglarenervous:

@coconut_noodle These people are diametrically opposed to there own best interest.

Bike lanes are a net win for all urban inhabitants.

@coconut_noodle and as if this wasn't bad enough, after running on a sidewalk shoplifters can jump into a bus! We need to shut down all public transit in order to protect the busines owners.

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