no racism
no sexism
no homophobia
no transphobia
no fascism
no work
no meat
no cops
empty the farms
empty the prisons
that is my list of demands

i need to get to another country but i don’t want to fly because of environmental reasons. the plane is €50. the train is €700. what the fuck? how does that make even the tiniest bit of sense?

i need a new pfp for another site

what’s good?

“abandon nihilism” should be the “primus sucks” phrase for nihilists

people in 1864: “yeah, i know slavery is bad but i couldn’t ever give up the convenience and luxury of it.”

people in 2022 who eat chocolate: “yeah, i know slavery is bad but i couldn’t ever give up the convenience and luxury of it.”

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if mutual aid means anything, i would rather it meant things like being courteous to your fellow shoplifters, looters, and scavengers, not anarcho-charities

just planting a thought in your brain that it’s cool to steal cones from construction sites and use them to block roads

don’t overthink it. just let it percolate

felt like a change of appearance. might bounce around until i land on something. consider this in flux.


how do i stop getting punctures in my bike tires

thank you

instead of using rockets to get to space, has NASA even *tried* giant trampolines. you can’t say it won’t work if you haven’t tried it.

even if you don’t care about animals, go vegan to put meat farmers out of business. undermine the grip that fast food joints have on every corner of civilisation. only 20% of the population needs to go vegan to collapse these industries entirely.

when the meat farmers go out of business, the fast food joints collapse, landlords don’t get their rent, more abandoned properties become available for squatting, society dies in our arms.

source: idk, probably, it sounds about right

this has been fine for a while, but i’m getting really exhausted with becoming a novelty for people.

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recently i have been feeling very alone. not that i don’t have people in my life, but that i’m the only person who represents certain feelings in my life. i’m the only anarchist i know. i’m the only vegan i know. whatever defining aspect of me exists, it’s just me. i’m the only person i know that likes the films i like, or the music i like. i don’t know how to find others, or if it would even matter if i did. i just feel kind of stuck in my own head.

happy winter to everyone who didn’t slaughter a turkey and shove its dead carcass into your face hole. ❄️☃️❄️☃️

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