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If you run a distro, then I think you should be tabling at least one zine for kids. It can just be a few pages of rad coloring book drawing. If kids show up at the rad bookfair and you have a free two-pager coloring book and some stickers, then those kids are going to remember that.

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A shotgun blast as an alternative to placing ideas on a spectrum or in a binary.

morrissey fans 🤝 morrissey haters

wishing he would die

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lo-fi hiphop beats to blow up oil rigs to

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lo-fi hiphop beats to murder capitalists to

thanks everyone for jazz suggestions. i recommend Ari Hoenig. this performance is especially good

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running a single user instance from my cabin in the Montana wilderness

i want to be known as the world’s biggest hater

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when i die, bury me inside a gucci store

(so i smell up the whole place and ruin their inventory)

if anyone has jazz suggestions i’m currently accepting suggestions

people will support the IRA but then tell you Kaczynski is bad

not serious 

what was the anarchist opinions at the time in regards to the Titanic sinking?

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A few things people just joining Mastodon NEED to know:

You can kill the admin of your instance! Shoot them or run them over. Instances are a game of king of the hill to the death. That's why you should consider joining a smaller instance, so that you have a better chance at being a king!

gonna need a CW for reposts of former T—tter personalities

bumper sticker that says “kill your local podcaster”

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"we keep us safe" has extremely snitch neighborhood watch vibes

people really say “terrorist” like it’s a bad thing

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Really cringe when anarchists/antifascists describe enemies as "violent" as if that is what's bad about them.

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i wonder why MLs keep saying 'every anarchist is white' as if that isn't just admitting they will only listen to the white voices in anarchist spaces, or assume that everyone around them is white until proven otherwise. their ideology simps for racist, dead white guys, and when they point and say 'aha! proudhon, stirner, kropotkin, etc. were all white' they neglect the fact that anarchy- as theory- is constantly reinvented by folx writing today. yeah, back in the 1800s, 'anarchism'- as words written by haughty philosophizers- was incredibly white. the 1800s were racist, we been knew. however saying the concept 'we should exist freely without laws or states to govern us' was only invented once it was recognized by white 'intelligentsia' is as racist as it is ahistorical

no clue what brought this rant about, but it's something that comes to mind every little while. especially since almost all of my anarchist friends are non-white and seeing them completely ignored is grating

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