@nominis here is a good example of what Im describing: invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=

another assertion that individualist/non-collectivist anarchisms are actually just part of the broader socialist movement, and more importantly, relies on it, needs society to allow it, and so on.

@nominis the continued attempt to conflate anarchy/anarchism with socialism and/or communism comes across to me as nothing but political maneuvering looking to win over the more underinformed. communists and socialists do this all the time by lumping anarchism, even its individualist variants, into the broader socialist movement as if it could never be otherwise.

what youve described seems to be the inverse, but same framing strategy: that even if the methods and language are communistic/socialistic, its still anarchistic at heart.

Organizer tactics 

@schrodingers_cat Id go farther to say any desire and/or effort to organize others from the start assumes it is justifiable to know whats best and act on the behalf of another/others. what is this if not infantilizing other people?

this managerial approach is why Ive been disinterested and dont engage with anything whiffing of organizing or activism-- not because activists/organizers are doing it wrong-- but because inherently to lead or be led (even at its most benign and/or veiled in less authoritarian terminology) is nowhere near the kind of relationship Im wanting with anyone.

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My kid's first word was Dada so you know I am doing my part to teach them about anarchism/art.

@CriminalCabbage Ive camped on BLM land quite a bit, and am curious also. I imagine as the number of nomad/portable dwellers/folks unable to afford property ownership or rent grows, there will be more efforts to use BLM land creatively and advantageously, but I can imagine periodically or seasonally at best. maybe there are the more hardcore survivalist types out there that have been living that remotely for longer stretches.

have you heard of the Dwelling Portably zines?

@jessecohn @ruin this where I got the specific Schelling quotes: Steven Shakespeare's "The Light that Illuminates Itself, the Dark that Soils Itself: Blackened Notes from Schelling’s Underground" the first essay in the compilation, "Hideous Gnosis Black Metal Theory Symposium I" archive.org/details/bub_gb_GCM

@jessecohn cool deal -- thanks for sharing! Ill take a look.

@ruin absolutely! did you ever get a chance to read the Dark Nights of the Universe essay collection? each are in response to Francois Laruelle's On the Black Universe, which also speaks to this primordial darkness. "The black universe is the opacity of the real or the 'color' that renders it invisible."

"anarchy still lies within the ground.
. . . This is the incomprehensible base of reality in things, the indivisible remainder, that which with the greatest exertion cannot be resolved in understanding but rather remains eternally in the ground. 🕳️
...The understanding is born in the genuine sense from that which is without understanding.
...Without this preceding darkness creatures have no reality; darkness is their necessary inheritance" - F. W. J. von Schelling (Philosophical
Investigations into the Essence of Human Freedom)

"Who I am, my history, and what I know are ontologically dependent on particular place-based relationships to mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, animals, and so on. These place-based relationships do not laminate onto ontologically prior absolute states of being and time but rather create real distinct histories, subjectivities, and realities." - Brian Burkhart (Indigenizing Philosophy Through the Land)

"[An anarchism of place] could look like many things from the outside, but it would be choice dictated by the subjective experience of those living in place and not the exigency of economic or political priorities. Location is the differentiation that is crushed by the mortar of urbanization and pestle of mass culture into the paste of modern alienation." - Aragorn! (Locating An Indigenous Anarchism)

edit: On The Silver Globe is more incredible than the others : )

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"In the days to come the frail black rebuses of blood in those sands would crack and break and drift away so that in the circuit of few suns all trace of destruction of these people would be erased. The desert wind would salt their ruins and there would be nothing, nor ghost nor scribe, to tell to any pilgrim in his passing how it was that people had lived in this place and in this place died."

Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

can watch 3 out of 4 here exmilitai.re/film.html

p.s. On The Silver Globe is incredible as well.

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eastern european dystopian sci fi series:

Ста́лкер (1979)
Golem (1979)
O-bi, o-ba: Koniec cywilizacji (1985)
Письма мертвого человека (1986)

@athousandgateaux I always find it strange when folks cherrypick certain animals as examples for how humans ought to behave.

spooky season continues :blobcatghost:

kaidan film series:

Black Cat Mansion 亡霊怪猫屋敷 (1958)
The Snow Woman 怪談雪女郎 (1968)
Snake Woman’s Curse 怪談蛇女 (1968)
Haunted Castle 秘録怪猫伝 (1969)

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