Brian Burkhart’s themes of
indigenous philosophizing:

- working with and telling stories
- basic human creativity is on a continuum with cosmic creativity
- relationships are ontologically primary
- opening up a space for readers/listeners to find meaning but does not make or declare meaning for them
- “an attitude of profound respect for individuality and right to self-realization of all living creatures” (from Jack Forbes)
- action, process, and transformation shape the layers of meaning in any given word
- meaning and understanding (which are relational and dynamic) rather than truth or proof (which is static and delocalized)
- understanding is circular, both a momentary and a never-ending movement of the circle itself
- purposefully transforms ideas into those that can best be understood and most easily related to by the hearer

from Indigenizing Philosophy through the Land

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@caspar any chance I could get my hands on the full text? curious to see more

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