has anyone experience with treating trauma and depression with entheogens, specifically (but not limited to) mescaline from san pedros? or has found reliable info online for prep, dosaging, etc.?

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@caspar I did Ketamine therapy for my PTSD. I would recommend reading the Psilocybin Mushroom Companion by Michelle Janikian if you're looking for information on preparing for a trip. While the compounds are different, the flight instructions are basically the same.

Without buying a book, most psychedelic books will reference "Flight Instructions":

I grew up with Erowid, so that's the first place I'd check for specific things:

@caspar usual disclaimers: this may be illegal where you live. Check local laws and decide if you want to ignore them. I don't know how accurate the Erowid info is, so look at multiple sources. Blah, blah, etc

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