"El Único" -- an individualist anarchist publication, Colón, Panamá, 1911 (de todos y de nadie)


"Among the workers who arrived from Europe in the early twentieth century there were, curiously enough, a number of Stirner individualists influenced by Nietzsche’s philosophy who saw in syndicalism a potential enemy of their anarchist ideology. They formed several affinity groups that, according to Nettlau, numbered twenty in 1912."

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The "anarkiddie" insult is interesting because it—in and of itself—reinforces the hierarchy between adults and children: that children's play is to be discouraged, while supposedly sensible norms of adulthood are to be conformed to.

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“Our age has given birth to two intellectual giants, who have undertaken to transvalue the dead social and moral values of the past, especially those contained in Christianity. Friedrich Nietzsche and Max Stirner have hurled blow upon blow against the portals of Christianity, because they saw in it a pernicious slave morality, the denial of life, the destroyer of all the elements that make for strength and character. True, Nietzsche has opposed the slave-morality idea inherent in Christianity in behalf of a master morality for the privileged few. But I venture to suggest that his master idea had nothing to do with the vulgarity of station, caste, or wealth. Rather did it mean the masterful in human possibilities, the masterful in man that would help him to overcome old traditions and worn-out values, so that he may learn to become the creator of new and beautiful things. ”
(Emma Goldman - The Failure of Christianity
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Extraterrestrial review: Act like a wizard / Witch 

Extraterrestrial review comes from a joke: what is our essence? Is it a metaphysical concept, or something outside the self? This is the best mockery of conspiracy theory. They invented an omnipotent organization, as if one hand were manipulating the earth. Similarly, more people like to attribute mistakes to 1% and think they can do anything. This view is really inept, ignoring the ability of people to conspire: clearly, we can build the world, we can destroy it. This is not the building of another Illuminati, but the ability to bring Anarchy to life.

In this popular society, the masses are organized according to the hierarchical system, but there are still many problems that make many people worried: why does the hierarchy always reappear? The answer is very simple: the masses themselves are a kind of centralization principle, which pushes everyone in the group to the edge. No wonder more and more people are disappointed with it.

This so-called "society", as Margaret Thatcher claimed, does not exist at all. But on the other hand, the other side of Thatcher, advocated by the democratic parties, is that we must defend society against the cracks and struggles of all societies. So it is very clear that the so-called "society" exists only for the benefit of Thatchers. The so-called "society" is just an excuse to defend the law of the jungle.

It was also like the Nazi concentration camp, which had a severe anti information measure that banned all information flow. But on the other hand, today's so-called information society has also created more and more isolation. At this time, the anti information network established by anarchists means resistance and solidarity.

There is no doubt that they spread lies, create war and panic, but the essence of this chaos is Plato's order.

That's why we have to build informal struggles in an antisocial way. This is not to say that we repeat Thatcher or cultivate a self-centered personality, but to fight constantly from the edge. This society is full of fringes, but there are struggles when there are fringes. Comite invisible's criticism makes the mistake often made by the left, because it defines itself according to Nazi claims that society must be defended. But let us face up to the history of the left, which is only a product of the bourgeois Parliament. The revolution has never been in parliament, so it must have surpassed the left. In our present era, the left and the right have long been integrated into one and become a hydra.

Since Plato put ideas above reality, a history of nihilism began. But it also brings about the nihilism of struggle. It has always been described as an illusion under the concept, but now it's time for the illusion to work.

Resistance is art. Similarly, art is resistance. In this regard, I really do not intend to blame the comrades who blame me for my lack of action. But that doesn't mean I'm an idiot. Philosophy has a very difficult task: to hurt silliness. As Foucault pointed out, cut the lesion like a scalpel. This is the proper criticism among revolutionary comrades.

What we need more in this era is ambition and inhuman action. There are always different sections of resistance: philosophy, art and Science - they are sections of chaos. Under long-term governance, people are deprived of the ability to enjoy ambition. People have lost their crowns in dusty corners.

Now, can we still wear the crown?

A new world is on its way, and it grows inside the wreck of the old world.
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:blob_raccoon_peek: Well I did it!

This is me reading Stories of the Raccoon People

Beware there's a couple times I blow in the mic, and it's not equalized at all, and I got emotional during a specific story. It is what it is, and I hope it's enjoyable to you :blob_raccoon_heart:

Bear people coming soon

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Our culture does such a good job of creating dichotomies that it’s hard for people to see anything outside of the dichotomy even when it’s spelled out.

"the past continues to flow within us in a hundred waves" - Nietzsche

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