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Sorry totally forgot a caption, its the new kitties feet only.

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Yay 😁 pretty much as soon as I move I will be volunteering at the anarchist bookstore there!!!

Its been really interesting watching some ancoms slowly paint over the red in their flag this last month

Kitten this weekend 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

It was Rayshard Brooks’ long term girlfriend, and now she’s looking at serious jail time. Anyone who shared that video to try and prove some kind of “outside agitator” line should be fucking ashamed.

He has a feeding tube, which has recently gotten infected :( And often gets frustrated that he has to deal with that while noone else he knows does. Hearing that there is someone else (particularly a pretty famous youtuber) who has a similar struggle made him so happy.

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Aww my heart. I just told one of the little ones about a youtuber who has a feeding tube and he got so excited!

Be sure to hop in the chat at 23:00 EST for an enjoyable live conversation as you watch :)

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Napping, or as I call it, re-sleeping

Oh yeah, I wrote this veery basic introduction to the fediverse!

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