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I swam in the Atlantic today actually! It’s far saltier than the pacific. Very big crabs and strange seaweed. Oceans are so cool

Convinced that more people find marxism than anarchism online because “marx” is less letters

Didn’t mean to link the donate page but whatever, do it if you can! Or write them

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I love this album so much but it always makes me really sad to listen to

Very cool new distro project popped up on :)

I really like to imagine that this is how those in power think of social control (yes I’m an authoritarian, I know); basically ignoring input aside from rare instances (which are necessary to halt any rising tension). I hope some day she gets fed up and kills me and eats me

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Every time I walk into the kitchen one of the cat meows like mad (squeaks really) and walks towards her bowl because she wants food. 99% of the time I’m grabbing a snack or some water and she doesn’t get food, but very occasionally she’s squeaking around mealtime so I feed her as I do a few times a day, and very rarely I give her a little snacky poo.

The black flag emoji was the worst thing to happen to anarchism!

Partner said “that shit is beyond pale” rather than “beyond the pale” last night and I love it

I wish the whole internet went down

Crazy what you can get done with a little bit of know how and a whole lotta heart

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Holy shit somebody shot Japan’s PM with a DIY shotgun

I put two butterfly wings on my bookshelf and it collapsed overnight

Had a dream about a fun night with a friend, and when I fell asleep next to them I woke up. Trippy

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