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The prompts were "anarchist bugs" and "nihilism"

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The day begins with heavy rain and the silence of a cup of black coffee. Yet, the sound of the violin played in solitude perfectly, in simple attitude and in action. Words turned into memory to demonstrate to me how the heart is never fluid but always intense while the mind remains in confusion. This might already have been maintained as an idea. Whatever it was, a thunder frame is ready to erupt in the present moment by seeing the impossible in order to free the valuable ones. Is there an individualist with ethics?

I’m not the übermensch, I’m hardly even a mensch

I am so fucking tired all the time. How do you folks even do anything!?

You can have whatever you want at all times. Just want less and crappier!

What even is being a rural ounk? Whatchu gonna do? Crowdkill some cows?

Litter bloc are the only ones out right now

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Rather than rhetorical bs that anybody could think of

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