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Might have to write something about being lazy and not caring about much

There’s not much I care about rly

Anybody wanna pitch in a couple hundred thousand for the domain

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If I'm oversensitive, I'm a performance artist. All artists are individuals with an insanity to express themselves in life. Yes, my English is not perfect grammatically. Are you able to speak my language or at least learn my language? I am sorry if my English is broken, in daily conversation and academically. 

But I'm trying to keep producing things that are stable emotionally in a very limited situation:

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@bugs This reminded me of Athanasius Kircher on the subterranean:

The whole Earth is not solid but everywhere gaping, and hollowed with empty rooms and spaces, and hidden burrows. Deep down, it holds many great oceans and fires, interconnected by a system of passageways that reached all the way to its core. In this view, volcanoes, however awful and awe-inspiring, "are nothing but the vent-holes, or breath-pipes of Nature,” and earthquakes are merely the “proper effects of subterrestrial cumbustions” that are sure to go on constantly. The “prodigious volcanoes and fire-vomiting mountains visible in the external surface of the earth do sufficiently demonstrate it to be full of invisible and underground fires,”. “For wherever there is a volcano, there also is a conservatory or storehouse of fire under it.... And these fires argue for deeper treasuries and storehouses of fire, in the very heart and inward bowels of the Earth.”

The fire and water sweetly conspire together in mutual service. The tides, caused by the nitrous effluvia of the moon, push “an immense bulk of water” through “hidden and occult passages at the bottom of the Ocean” and thrust it “forcibly into the intimate bowels of the Earth.” The resulting winds “excite and stir up” and otherwise feed the subterraneous fire like a huge bellows. The seas, which would stagnate and freeze without the fires, keep the fires from getting out of hand, preventing “unlimited eruptions,” which would “soon turn all to ruins.” The “secret make-up of the mountains” is that they are hollow and serve as reservoirs. Hot baths, hot springs, and fountains are produced where underground water passageways come near or interconnect with the fire channels. Surely this is where dragons dwell.

I have no idea what clothes to put on. I wear kinda whatever I have but I’m unhappy with what I have. I think I’m going for something ephemeral & non-binary but still casual, but most of the time it’s just undies or jeans.

Any inspo pics? How do you pick what to wear?

Went to see The Northman (it was p good) and the they did an RCMP ad before the movie.. never seen that before but I don’t see many action films in theatres

KFC Murder Chicks - Loss Prevention Reloaded

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my gods have been buried under the concrete and tarmac,
with every crack in the pavement they rear their heads to gaze towards the sun,
as flowers

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You are a:

The robots think I like stuff? They are sorely mistaken
*Dying robot noises*

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