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you can say this on mastodon 

I want to destroy critical infrastructure!

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i have like a good 6 hours of school to read theory so if anyone has good recommendations here's your chance

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"[Poetry] is all the truth it knows, that is, it knows nothing. It is the art of not living. ...In the art of not living one is not ephemerally permanent but permanently ephemeral." - Laura Riding


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*grumbles in admin* I dun wanna and never will read your damn dms.

I also run: (a semi-clone of instagram) (a video sharing platform) (a blogging platform.

I'm sure you noticed already but I'm basically opening the floodgates! The real ones will last

Guess I have to anti-state commies to the list of anti's in on the about page

> A lot of kolektiva users end up moving to, another anarchist instance.
This is going up on my fridge :blobmeltsoblove:

@xeon and @onetruemoon joined too! What is that? 15 new users today?

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Since nihilist is in the name, I'm curious to what degree nihilism shapes what you all post or say on here?

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Seems like more and more people I know are thinking like this.

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"revolutionary optimists" of every persuasion wishing harm on those who doubt the viability of a revolutionary project notable for two centuries of failure.

imagine watching every movement be crushed, subsumed into existing modes of control, or subverted into new forms of domination and still maintaining a position of hope that this time, events will turn out differently.

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