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Next weeks post is up!

We're taking evasive maneuvers and switching up days, and perhaps moving on to different topics. See you there...?

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What are your favorite bash scripts/aliases? I know some of yall have some cool tricks.

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Caught us out here tabling at the Mere of Light experimental music show and poetry reading last night…Kicking off sharing rad lit and having abolition conversations with the folks at the Jazz gallery in RW

Wishing all the lurkers a very good day <3

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no more discourse please, only how to plant oak trees when they’ll be surrounded by concrete and fire cider recipes thank you

If I attend a dinner party that you are hosting, I am putting my trust in you the cook to not poison me. Whatever happens is a consequence of both of our own decisions.

If someone is holding a gun to my head, forcing me to attend your dinner party and to eat food that you poisoned because someone else is holding a gun to YOUR head, the question of blame, autonomy of participation, and why this is all happening won't be illuminated by yelling about how bad of a person the cook is.

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I'm just waiting for a kind of "Against the Logic of the Vaccine" to drop. We need more nihilist and AnarchoNihilist voices in the pandemic discussion, bc many are missing the point, we need to discuss topics like mortality, bioterror, how that vaccine is aimed to the capital reproduction not health (many tropical diseases don't have vaccines bc there's no profit).

People are repeating to exhaustion the tired politicians words, but there is no discussion about how the vaccine should be international and part of a planetary commons

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I share this piece every time I cite it or recommend it to someone, so once again:

"When the state laid the blame for violence on “white supremacists,” they very intentionally shifted the target of people’s anger from the systemic racism that led to the murder of George Floyd and countless others to relatively marginal extremist groups. With this displacement, the state resumes its role of protecting its citizens against such extremism, and undermines those whose rage against the police sparked the uprising in the first place. I have identified it as a discursive maneuver, and it is one that more precisely recalls the rhetorical figure of synecdoche, a movement from part to whole or whole to part. The location of white supremacy is displaced onto an extremist part — an assortment of bad actors — only serving to mask its true whereabouts in the heart of civil society as a whole."

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not to be that person but wow the concept of reification is just... everywhere

The letter Q kinda seems like it should be earlier in the alphabet

Harm is neither unilateral nor simply understood. It can be validating to think that way, but too much of a good thing…

That we are both the ones who will bring on the new world, and the ones who will be best adjusted to live in it is an incredibly frightening rebranding of Christianity.


In a few short centuries, industrial civilization had spread from the western fringes of Eurasia to sprawl across the face of the planet. Plundering the soil of its riches, fouling the air, and remolding life-forms at will, this gargantuan industrial society had already peaked a thousand years after its foundation: Ahead lay abrupt and violent decline.

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