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The biggest deception of the clock face is it’s circular design. It gives the illusion of something cyclical when in reality it is entirely linear

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Oh interesting! It's actually a Japanese translation (with vertical lines, very cool) of George Woodcock's Anarchism.

I'd never heard of Woodcock before but apparently he was largely an anti-war anarchist who was interestingly against both WWII and argued with Orwell about his statement that pacifism was "objectively pro-fascist" in the context of the Spanish Civil war.

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The coolest book I have that I can’t read, but I have some ideas of what it’s about...

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Not entirely sure I'm happy with this piece, but it's been in my drafts long enough that I needed to finish it up tonight.

Being anprim is just knowing lots of fun facts

The saying “mind your own” had taken on a whole different meaning since reading Stirner

From watching the Anarchy Smackdown I was really stunned by the level of hostility and the speed it deflated also.

I couldn’t imagine someone yelling “shut-up!” and it just being brushed off these days. I wonder what’s responsible for that change?

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"I decide whether it is the right in me; outside me there is no right. If it is right for me, then it is right. Possibly, this won’t make it right for others; that’s their problem, not mine: they may defend themselves. And if something wasn’t right for the whole world, but was right for me, i.e., I wanted it, then I would ask nothing about the whole world."


blockhead (n.)
probably originally an image of the head-shaped oaken block used by hat-makers, though the insulting sense is equally old.

I had a wonderful time at reading group yet again :blobcatmelt2:

I came away with a little pin prick of a question, or more of a hypothetical, that I've yet to comfortably answer for myself. What is the story of the egoist prisoner?

Anyways, for next week we will be reading a portion of the section My Intercourse. I've somewhat arbitrarily chosen page 231 of the Ardent Press print as where will stop, specifically the paragraph ending with the line

"Fool, you who are a unique humanity, that you put on airs about wanting to live for another than you yourself are."

Some of us will also be attending the @Viscera reading group of the same section on the Sunday! Check out their page for more info.

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At least, in the contexts I’ve heard it

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“Corrective action” is a pretty gross phrase

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can’t stop thinking about how Boomhauer and Max Stirner look similar

Think I thought up what could be called a “charity economy” at and I’m not sure how I feel about it

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