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:blob_raccoon_peek: Well I did it!

This is me reading Stories of the Raccoon People

Beware there's a couple times I blow in the mic, and it's not equalized at all, and I got emotional during a specific story. It is what it is, and I hope it's enjoyable to you :blob_raccoon_heart:

Bear people coming soon

The trick this far has been to go to an alien spotting website and find random folk art and then glitch it.
I'm feeling like something different though

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I was only using mastodon for porn, now I'm using it for anarchy and porn


Thanks to all the anarchists out there who gave, and keep giving, me a reason to live. Love all of you

Stopping the flow of memegenesis to keep the grill memes relevant forever

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For those who missed our in-person discussion of Monsieur DuPont's "Your face is so mysteriously kind" (or those who didn't and have more to say) we'll be hosting a second round of discussion online this Sunday. ☠️

"Life is best in idleness and comfort; intelligence and sensitivity are characteristic of a subject position squeezed from sunshine and soft clothing like red juice from a pomegranate. Revolution is the actualisation of human beings as the object of their subjectivity, it is not religious martyrdom minus the religion. If the walls are not made of paper, don’t punch them, if the bars are not made of chocolate, don’t eat them. If you cannot win, refuse the fight."

You can find the text on the anarchist library here:

Reading discussion starts at 2 pm EST on jitsi:

Going to a fighting camp at the end of the month I think

Damn being around other people is hard

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On September 8, 1873, Sante Caserio was born. At the age of 20 Caserio would stab the president of France with a red and black knife in retaliation for the guillotine executions of anarchists carried out by the French government. You can read his trial statement in our book Defiance: Anarchist Statements before Judge and Jury.

I find myself so curious about other peoples finances and spending habits.
Weirdly (or maybe not) I point this at a desire for what the world has coded as intimacy

🎺 🎺 🎺 Introducing, @vi ! 🎺 🎺 🎺

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the falling spore fights to understand
perhaps the substrate knows

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On my way home tonight the wind turned all the leaves into little mice and frogs that scuttled around me and turned back into leaves again

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