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Also love doing math on queerness to find the remainder lol

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I am loving baeden so much, it’s really enabling me to combine Stirner and some Nihilist stuff into a functional every day life orientation.

Crawled into the gutter to put this one up. Fuck cops :acab:

Bugs keep eating my eggplant!!! And I don’t mean myself!

Done! Hopefully everything's working well :)

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Shoot, it looks like increasing the disk size will double the cost... but we could use more ram anyways soooooooooo. I'm doing it. Maybe I'll do it in the next hour if anyone doesn't mind?

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Uh oh, the disk is getting full! Might have to upgrade it this weekend.

It’s a pretty Lib town, so I’m not going for anything too serious but each gets a couple points off that I’m pleased with.

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What happens if an admin moves instance?

Stocked to hand out some zines tomorrow :)

With regards to a lot of the things I have seen in the past week, I suggest people check out "Against Innocence" ( It touches on a lot of things that are worth addressing including:

+Erasing black radicalism
+Constructing narratives to suit a white euro-settler perspective
+The weaponizing of social justice language in favor of the state

It also makes an interesting argument against absolute individualism that I hadn't heard before.

For instance admins:

Adding Onion-Location as described in this blog post ( half fixes this!

The onion address will load over https and then redirect to http, which still means users have to accept the ssl certificate once but after that the experience isn't too bad. Still breaks onion federation and mobile apps but it's a start.

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If anyone has any advice on keeping keeping the onion address from redirecting to ssl that would be greatly apprectiated!

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All done. Took more like an hour though, sorry about that!

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The main reason behind this was to add the nice privacy feature of local only posting (this means that posts with that setting are only visible to users). Mobile apps may not show this option but it can be used through the browser.

We also have a cute vanity onion address :)

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