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Picnic is really good! If I new more about situationism I’m sure there would be a lot to read into

Anybody know where I could find a french dubbed version of Pom Poko for the montreal anarchist bookfair?

Just scrolling through the explore sections I see like 5 video of like “US marines are so strong and powerful and good” and bs like that

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Is it just me or has YouTube been a part of the US military propaganda effort for a loong time now

As usual though we would like recommendations. Suggested topics include, but aren't limited to horror/action that is relevant to the world today, docs, and whatever else

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theanarchistcinema and the Montreal bookfair might be teaming up for an online movie night!

And any combination of those above. I posted this because I have the hiccups and I need help, please suggest something because I need help.

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The only way I’ve found to take advantage of working with complete strangers has been to ask them for hiccup cures. At this time I’ve found none of these to be effective:

-Drinking water upside-down
-Eating a spoonful of nut-butter
-Holding your breath for 30 seconds
-Sucking on the inside of your mouth and then hyperventilating for 10 seconds (pretty sure this will make someone pass out)
-Gargle salt-water (again not related to hiccups)

QUICK! I have access to a high end screen printer for about 5 hours and a bunch of shirts but I have no ideas. Give me some ideas quick!

Why tf do anarchist writers today have names that could be straight out of Harry Potter?

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'going to the stars' is just the entrepreneurial rationalization of enslavement and destruction here below. it makes everything 'worth it'.

Is there a no swearing rule on the fediverse? Why does everyones breath smell like soap?

Awww crap I missed the 100 gecs minecraft concert

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