Someone should do an absurdist instance

Mood (I’m Smudge and there’s a few things that are Baobao 😊)


I like to think I’m maxing out [REDACTED] but I may have dumped a few xp into shitwizard

@black_fox It was super lucky, it's a shame they can deactivate them though. Zines are always more fun when someone else is paying for ink

@black_fox one of the staff at staples left their staff card in the machine and that was the best 24 hrs of my life

I love the idea of skeletons as units of measurement such as skelepound, or also skelelitre

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I don’t want a skeleton, just a skelittle

Submedia is now actually on the fediverse! @submedia is their official peertube account

Someday I’ll do a thread on the website ParaZite and how it introduced me to anarchy and put me on the path I’m on now. I wonder if I got lucky in finding it or if it’s a well-known thing


Oh yes certainly my personal and complicated political perspectives will nicely fit between 2 axes! Actually they can even fit on 1 axis.

Sorry totally forgot a caption, its the new kitties feet only.

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