@crashglasshouses @avad @dantescanline they seem responsive on anews, you might get a response if you ask

“And this isn’t uncommon: Rarely do I see anarchist media organisations going out of their way to meet new people, to find people in the areas they want to know more about. Instead, they put all of their energies on building connections to rising stars, to people with established platforms because those people will bring their audiences with them.”


The internet is a series of empty buildings and rate earth metals

Damn wtf people aren’t just british as a bit? Like they do that all the time!? Wtf!???

Was going to write something abt mushrooms as a union of egoists but u all get it right?

Every 3 months seems to be a manageable interval for me just fyi

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No is an choice, yes is a passive act

I love that most of the users that leave ni.hil.ist also leave the internet

Being “under anarchism” is literally a hierarchy. Ur literally under it

More things ooze than poke or swallow

@cel @mood bai lan is tight. I hope to translate some writing on it if I can find it

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@deluge I mean you and I both know that this city would be flooded by more Maoists and Libs than anarchists in a second, and that their aestheticized and marketed version of anarchy would quickly turn anarchyland into a white, charity centered mecca but I can dream about actual anarchists hanging out and being cool... can't I??

Lying to customer service is the new phone phreaking

Seems like there’s a city that artists flock to, another for cuisine, and many more for whatever “type” of person or thing you could imagine. (Though there’s not really a place musicians flock to). I was just imagining a city (by which I mean place) that anarchists flock to, but I wonder if we’re too much like musicians for something like that.

My None of This is Real - Dj Rozwell shirt just came :)

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