Someone slapped up a “Never Work” sticker on my block 👀 I wish they left a phone number

Boss is mad cuz I’m only giving one week lol

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I got another one but still feels kinda good lol

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My favourite part of science fiction is the almost universal freedom to roam

Yep that’s me, for the good and against the bad

I thought of something really good and clever. It was a thought that, had I wrote it down, would have have made many people laugh, give them pleasure, and make them think of things differently. Too bad I let it fade. Suckers

@coconut_noodle moore or less. Although, Mastodon will only try retry reaching out to other instances so many times, and will put a bigger delay between retries every time, so there may be issues there

@coconut_noodle it does sync. When the instance comes back up it will reach out to alll the other instances it follows and ask if they’ve got anything for it.

Mastodon instances save a copy of every toot on every timeline so you could browse their posts on your timeline and maybe even the locally cached account page but not their remote one.

This isn’t universal, like for example if you only followed them since April their posts from March may not be saved.

If anybody was having issues The anarchist Libraries’ onion site should be accessible again

😎, alc 

Did a beer bong while getting a tattoo by my cousin the other day

@eris I think that is the meaning! Just needs some extrapolation to build out the thought.

@eris It's been a minute since I looked at that, so this is only my opinion. I think subjectivity is used similar to personality in a way, but perhaps also with some egoism thrown in. Cats are allowed to be individuals, and to have temperaments that are their own. 'Citizens' are not, rather they are expected to conform to roles.

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