@mycelia 🤞 for let’s encrypt support soon!

parasite maybe spoilers 

@mycelia it’s great! It’s done by Corey who was on anarchybang. This episode is actually quite dark tho so maybe “yay :)” isn’t too appropriate

@mycelia @zeiss jeez synchronicity of thinking. I really like the point you’re making. It’s often advantageous for people to hurt me/sacrifice my wellbeing in the world we live in currently. I’d like to destroy that hierarchy as well.

@mycelia this question has a billion answers tbh. I’m cool with pretty much any wayLike I could see living a union of egoists thing which perhaps @zeiss would find compelling.

@zeiss I would say that then the question is of what social (dis)organization could look like right? I’ve heard people often suggest bolo’bolo a life form that could suit individuals needs. I’ve not read it though. My response is usually just “I don’t know” and that predicting anything is futile as the circumstances in which my freedom is obtained can’t be forecasted.

@zeiss okay, thanks for clarifying. It totally is an oxymoron that’s why I thought it could have been a joke toot.

@zeiss so just to clarify, this is an “after the revolution” question that someone would be asking a nihilist? Or did I just get punked

@zeiss a child’s guide to nihilism. Is wonderful but you’ll have to find it at a bookstore

The lemmy lead dev has mastodon. Uh-oh

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CURRENT Invasion of Wet'suwet'en Nation by Canada 1/n 

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