@nausikaa I suppose yeah. But in a recent encounter it was more used to justify creating a optional duty some but not all would want to do.

@awsqar Le Guin's stuff is probably all already done but that Ba Jin story looks perfect, thank you!

@caspar I thought about that one! It's going on the queue I think

@sceox LOOOL called out! I realized this a few minutes ago, so there’s going to be a loooot of bad german in this one.

As for Spectral Theses it’s already recorded! The footnotes are hard to fit into an audiozine coherently so I’m skipping them but it was mentioned.

I feel like recording an audiozine again. Any suggestions?
Nothing too dense please, I’ve done like 3 theory heavy pieces and given up because my brain feels melty.

People really like the idea of “rotating duties” don’t they?

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> The culture is relentlessly boring now and the internet as site or enabler of new creativity has been a massive disappointment, probably because it's mainly just a speeded up communication and purchasing tool, not really a medium, in the same way that hardly anyone made art using the telephone or the credit card.

> Part of the problem is that the 20th century was just such an explosion of new artistic ideas that they dried up the well. Rock 'n' roll and dance music have played out a series of variations. They're simply not new anymore and have few ways left of being new. In avant garde music and art, where do you go after minimalism, conceptualism and electronic media? In practice, sadly, it seems you go to one hell of a lot of pastiche. For those of us who grew up in eras of youth rebellion, it's kind of weird to see young artists actually aping the productions of their parents' generations in punk or electronica or conceptual art.

> But all this old artistic newness ran in parallel and hand in hand with the sense of epic societal change. A friend of mine is a writer and comic artist who was active in the 70s and he says his generation thought anything was possible. Art was thought to be part of the revolution, the new way or the explosion of new ways. We have lost that motivating sense of purpose and meaning for our art. It's all just entertainment and you're either successful financially at it or not but can't hope for more than that or anything outside it. It's now clearly revealed as just part of the capitalist status quo.

There’s no such thing as celebrities on mastodon

I had to update my pgp key, to revoke the outdated email that was attached.

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@another_i Vouching seems to be already the prominent method, and it has it's issues. Maybe we need a more or better system, but I'm leaning more towards the fuck it model.
As far as a blockchain.... let's just say I could count on one hand the amount of anarchists I know who even know what a GPU is.

@nausikaa love that name so much. I would be a little nervous handing my personal mail to a network of radicals though lol.

@wilmissing not boring at all! It’s an interesting take

@wilmissing You kinda did compared to a lot of people though :blobcatblep:
I've been busy for the last while so I put off approving it for a bit

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