Had a nice moment with one of the kids yesterday. He was complaining about his communist friend and conservative dad and said “I don’t really care about politics, I like anarchy though.”
When I asked, “What does anarchy mean to you?”
He said, “Fuck the government and burn down the corporate building.”


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@ruin totally fair, the interface can be a bit tricky at first.

I usually recommend trying to find other accounts to follow at first, and the local feed is a great place to do that.

If you have any questions let me know!

@samizda holy crap is this popular! If you ever feel like translating it I’m very curious to know what you said

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putting together an "organization" is easy and meaningless but it feels like you're "doing something" i guess. i don't really give a shit about this stuff anymore.

instead i look for ways to become ungovernable in everyday life but this takes much more work and is ultimately much more rewarding. establishing complex webs of personal ties and connections, scavenging, reciprocal sharing, complicated arrangements, certain types of petty crime. learning how to live freely.

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via South East Asian Anarchist Library Twitter: TikTok inspires more than two thousand downloads of “The Coming Insurrection” on The Anarchist Library. Read it for yourself here!

TikTok video here: https://twitter.com/SEAanarkis/status/1382854000496635906?s=20
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Anarchist and communist mastodon, what does anti-politics mean? What is the anti-political?

Had a wonderful time at reading group, thanks to all those who came by!

Next week we will be continuing our queer march through nihilism via baedan,

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Reading group today at 6pm CST!

We will be discussing Queers Gone Wild from Baedan 1.


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skimming a 1994 report put out by the us government on "community policing" (aka counterinsurgency) to get a sense for how cop apologists understand the relationship between police and the people they terrorize, perhaps to get some idea of how they are going to try to clamp down on this wave of unrest and anti-cop sentiment.

of course, i am reading this also to understand how police undermine their own goals and how they work to claw back leverage. some fun quotes so far:

"Without trust between police and citizens, effective policing is impossible."

"One observer of the urban scene characterized the deteriorating police-community relationship this way: For the urban poor the police are those who arrest you."

"Experience and research reveal that “community institutions are the first line of defense against disorder and crime” Thus, it is essential that the police work closely with all facets of the community to identify concerns and to find the most effective solutions."

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"[Hocquenghem] insists on the fundamental incapacity of language to capture the form of bodily struggle he argues for. Following him, our struggle must also begin from this disjunction. We engage with language insofar as we can deploy it in service of the body. We speak, we put word to paper in order to send a wink to those with whom we have not yet or cannot at present conspire in a practice of jouissance." (baedan)

Reading group today at 6pm CST!

We will be discussing Queers Gone Wild from Baedan 1.


@mycelia Sorry to spam, I just found like the only place in my area that's been mapped is the inside of the immigration holding center though

@mycelia This would actually be a pretty sweet show zine piece or something.

Found this map cctv.masspirates.org/ that uses "man_made=surveillance" markers from OSM, which could be a nice starting out point :)

A billion anarchist tensions! Where each tension is actually a billion other tensions! None of them binary or even three-way!


Doing the home alone thing except instead of robbers it’s eviction agents

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