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Reading group today at 6pm CST!

Our conversation will orbit around the topic of May Day, and a few other things. Find out more, /nrg/may-day!

Post about 's May Day celebration next week is up, hope to see you all there :)

I think we're doing a May Day discussion group/celebration/hangout in lieu of a reading group session next week, will post something soon!

Reading group today at 6pm CST!

We will be discussing To Win All the Time from Baedan 1.

Had a wonderful time at reading group, thanks to all those who came by!

Next week we will be continuing our queer march through nihilism via baedan,

Reading group today at 6pm CST!

We will be discussing Queers Gone Wild from Baedan 1.

Next weeks reading for will yet again be from Baedan. Thanks again to all those who came by :blobcat_sipsmile:

Reading group today at 6pm CST!

We will be discussing The Anti-Social Turn from Baeden 1.

Reading group today at 6pm CST!

We will be concluding our reading of Blessed is the Flame today.

Reading group today at 6pm CST!

We will be discussing up to and including the section titled Spontaneous resistance & Time.

is moving along to a foundational anarcho-nihilist piece:
Blessed is the Flame


meta-meeting tomorrow (Sunday) at 6 CST!

For more info check out this toot:

And the jitsi link is:

See you there :agummysip:

( is moving along to new pieces!

Before we begin on something new I'd like to have a day where we meet and have some meta-conversations, such as; scheduling stuff, reading group queue suggestions, vague topics of interest, and whatever else!

I'd like to invited people who haven't been to a reading group session but would like to to come and chime in as well! We're very friendly and if it sounds interesting we'd love to have you :)

So on Sunday March 21st at 6 pm CST we will meet over jitsi and chat! See you then :)

For reading group, is there a day other than Saturday that would work better for people?
Let me know which day if no!

Reading group today!

We will be wrapping up with the last 40 pages of the Unique and its Property and this reading group session will also serve as the finale to this book.

If you've read it, participated in reading group at some point, or are just feeling like it you're invited to join! We are meeting at 6pm CST today via jitsi.

Bring your thoughts of individuality, egoism, ownness and the unique! I look forward to hearing from you :stirner:

“My thoughts ‘n’ oughts are nothing fixed”

Well well well well well well...

Lovely to hear from every one again <3 Another one down!

Next week we are wrapping up The Unique and its Property!! Our specific portion of reading will cover the final 2 sections, however I'd like to invite anyone who has read it, or read some section of it to come by and chat about the book as a whole as well as Stirner's ideas generally.

Either the following Saturday or the one after that we will have a meta discussion to figure out where to go next and some organizational points, so clear your schedules ;)

Reading group today!

We will be discussing up to the end (or as far as you got) of the section My Intercourse from the Unique and its Property at 6pm CST today.

Be there or b square!

I can't stop singing the praises of a weekly reading group! It was yet again, really nice to hear from everyone.

We are nearing the end of the book! There is about 40 pages left of the section My Intercourse, which we will attempt to finish for next week. I realize that's long for some folks but don't be discouraged from coming, just finish what you can :)

After that we will work through the remaining 2 sections in 1 or 2 sessions, and then it's time for something new! I won't set a date quite yet, but in a few weeks we will have a meta discussion extravaganza, to which folks I'd like to invite people who haven't come in a while, or ever, to join the conversation.

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