Well well well well well. It seems there has been another reading group discussion.

Unsatiated by our meager helping of Geist, we will be yet again returning next week to discuss The Unique and its Property.

We will not be adding any new reading for this upcoming week, instead reflecting on points from the first 2 sections that were missed/overlooked, attempting to describe consistent themes, talking shit, or perhaps doing none of what I listed and doing something completely different instead.

As always, if you're reading this, you're invited to join the fun :)

Today! We will be diving into the chapter titled "The Hierarchy".... Hegel was an ass.

Anyways, anyways see you at 6pm.


We've been in Stirner land for over a month now and though I've yet to become god, it's going well :) (also talking to other people is really nice)

For next time we will be reading the section titled "The Hierarchy"! See you on Saturday :)

Hope you have a broom, because today’s the day we clean up that belfry! Aka reading group day.

See you at 6pm central time :)


See the hashtag below for details on which part of the unique and it’s property we’ll be discussing.

Something about hearing peoples voices is really wonderful, I tell ya. R

For next weeks reading group we’ll read up to page 59, stopping before section 1.2.3 - The Hierarchy of the Unique and its Property.

Make it your own have fun be free!

🎺 🎺 🎺 Reading group again!! 🎺 🎺 🎺

It’s Saturday and you know what that means... Time to chat about Stirner!
See you at 6pm central time.


See the hashtag below for details on what we’ll be discussing.

Another lovely reading group in the bag :blob_raccoon_reach:

For next week we’ll read up to page 34, stopping before section - The Phantasm of the Unique and its Property.

If you were ever seeking out a quarantined, interesting, online study group of this book now’s your chance :)


Today is the first reading group session for The Unique and it's Property by Max Stirner at 6pm CST

Check the previous post on the hashtag for deets on what part we will be discussing.


The next book on the study groups docket is an exciting one!

:stirner2: :stirner2: :stirner2: :stirner2:

We're going to try to tackle The Unique and its Property as our next piece, starting with the translator’s introduction and stopping at section 1.2 Human Beings of Ancient and Modern Times.

As usual we will meet Saturdays at 6pm CST, and if you're reading this you're welcome to come! :blobhug:

Get ready for a swarm of bats being chased from belfries! And likely some silly memes also

Today! 6pm! CST! Study group!

Well be chatting about Nihilism as Egoism by Keiji Nishitani.


Come one come all!
Today we'll be meeting at 6pm central time to discuss Stirner's Critics.

C U There :)


Thanks to everyone who showed to talk about what to read next! And for those who didn't, hope to hear from you soon :blobuwu:

We settled on reading Stirner's Critics for next week, same time, same place. Have a nice week everybody :blacker_heart:


This is it, the final reading group session of On the Genealogy of Morality!

Reminder that the first little bit people are invited to come by and help us come up with ideas for what to read next time.

So see you at 6pm central time


Alright it's time for your weekly post-reading group post!

Some points from tonight's discussion include; the orgy-desert dualism and beyond, fending off the electric technicolor octopus, and 'what the fuck how do men just feel confident saying this shit?'

For next week, we'd like to invite folks to come by for the first however many minutes to talk about what you'd be interested in reading with the group next. You don't have to have come before, nor do you need to have suggestions, feel free to pop in :blobcatnomstrawberry:

Afterwards we'll be wrapping up the third essay and I guess the book (wow already?)! Looking forward to hearing all your lovely voices next week

Reading group tonight! Or should I call it book club? Time will tell.

At 6pm central time well be discussing the first 14 sections of "what do ascetic ideals mean?".


Reading group is fun. Okay?

Next sat we will be discussing the first 14 sections of the third essay "what do ascetic ideals mean?"


🎺 🎺 🎺 Book club!! 🎺 🎺 🎺

Today well be wrapping up the second essay: "‘Guilt’, ‘bad conscience’ and related matters”
at 6pm central time.
C u there okay


Still have a bit of an afterglow from reading group :blobmelt: It’s been lots of fun :)

Next Saturday we will be wrapping up the second essay “‘Guilt’, ‘bad conscience’ and related matters”

Don’t forget your snacks!

Hey you! Yeah you, it’s book club day.

We’ll be meeting to discuss the first 13 sections of the 2nd essay of On the Genealogy of Morality
“Second essay: ‘Guilt’, ‘bad conscience’ and related matters”
at 6pm central time.


What a great Halloween bookclub! We delved into anarchists as the aristocracy, the ressentiment behind ideas of “justice”, god(s), and other spooky things.

Although we’ve pretty much figured it allll out, we’ll be meeting to discuss first 13 sections of the second essay ‘“Second essay: ‘Guilt’, ‘bad conscience’ and related matters”’ next Saturday!

Hope to see you there :)


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