Another lovely reading group conversation in the bag.

How free can you be if you're still inside a cage?

For next week we will be reading Social and Humane Liberalism, stopping before the Postscript. As always, hope to hear from you! :)

It is with great shame that I rescind my previous coconut related comments. It seems that hating coconut water is in fact relic of colonial times that I have since disavowed. I am now true coconut lover and never intended my coconut related views to harm the Bougainville Revolutionary Army

Today! Reading group :)

We'll be discussing the section of The Unique and its Property titled “Political Liberalism” at 6pm CST.

Well that wraps up another round of wonderful conversation about Stirner, the Unique, and bats! Nice as always to hear some new voices :)

For next week we will be diving into “The Free” of The Unique and its Property. We'll read up to, and stop before “Social Liberalism”. Looking forward to hearing you (Saturday at 6pm CST) :)

P.S I've started cross-posting these to in case you want to link your friends!

It's reading group day!

There were no new readings for this week, instead we will be catching up on sections 1.1 and 1.2, and likely discussing many other things! Hope to see you there :blob_raccoon_coffee:

6pm CST!!

I can point to this picture as being solely responsible for sending me down the path I've been on for nearly a decade now. Wild.

Well well well well well. It seems there has been another reading group discussion.

Unsatiated by our meager helping of Geist, we will be yet again returning next week to discuss The Unique and its Property.

We will not be adding any new reading for this upcoming week, instead reflecting on points from the first 2 sections that were missed/overlooked, attempting to describe consistent themes, talking shit, or perhaps doing none of what I listed and doing something completely different instead.

As always, if you're reading this, you're invited to join the fun :)

Today! We will be diving into the chapter titled "The Hierarchy".... Hegel was an ass.

Anyways, anyways see you at 6pm.

We've been in Stirner land for over a month now and though I've yet to become god, it's going well :) (also talking to other people is really nice)

For next time we will be reading the section titled "The Hierarchy"! See you on Saturday :)

Hope you have a broom, because today’s the day we clean up that belfry! Aka reading group day.

See you at 6pm central time :)

See the hashtag below for details on which part of the unique and it’s property we’ll be discussing.

Something about hearing peoples voices is really wonderful, I tell ya. R

For next weeks reading group we’ll read up to page 59, stopping before section 1.2.3 - The Hierarchy of the Unique and its Property.

Make it your own have fun be free!

🎺 🎺 🎺 Reading group again!! 🎺 🎺 🎺

It’s Saturday and you know what that means... Time to chat about Stirner!
See you at 6pm central time.

See the hashtag below for details on what we’ll be discussing.

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Another lovely reading group in the bag :blob_raccoon_reach:

For next week we’ll read up to page 34, stopping before section - The Phantasm of the Unique and its Property.

If you were ever seeking out a quarantined, interesting, online study group of this book now’s your chance :)


Today is the first reading group session for The Unique and it's Property by Max Stirner at 6pm CST

Check the previous post on the hashtag for deets on what part we will be discussing.

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