This is a copy of the TangPingist manifesto fyi. Turned on to this by the irregular rhythm asylum

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6k run!! Came home steamy

Same arms as last time and same abs. No legs because it felt longer than 6k

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Am working on this commission right now and I just had to share this cover

My last years top albums!

Doing a image description is too much work, but you can check out the details on anyways.

Praxis shmaxis but if there’s anything that that word could mean, it’s this

I have an actor's certificate, and when I'm in a good mood, I still go to Hengdian to lie down. In short, I just lie down in a different way: life is to lie down.…

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That's right, health is also important. Just after climbing the mountain, you can go swimming in the lake when the weather is a little hotter. I have been soaking in it almost all summer. It is essential to keep exercising.

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Lying flat is the only objective truth in the universe. Rest, sleep, or death, the moment when a life full of desire and excitement becomes still and disappears is the embodiment of true justice. I choose to lie flat, and I am no longer afraid.

My position is not positioned by anyone. The ashes enter the sea and the soul floats to the universe. I just pass by in a hurry. When the time comes, it will be another trip.

Cats have subjectivity, but people don't. When will the alienated world die out?

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