Y'all want a sexy hairy leg pic? Cuz this seems to be it.

coconut water 

This shit has 200mg of caffeine lmao

On a hike today I had a moment where suddenly the migraine sounds of civilization were no longer audible. I heard birds, snow dropping to the ground, and this forest’s other spring sounds. Then a plane flew over head.

Absolutely obsessed with these zines @caspar designed. Not sure I can even give them away

Almost 1 year ago to this day, a cactus was pushed out of a third storey window by an angry kitty. The motivation was certainly fear of its power. However, the cactus survived... nay, thrived since, almost in spite of the attempted execution.

Reading group today at 6pm CST!

We will be discussing up to and including the section titled Spontaneous resistance & Time.



ARR sucks, discourse 

I will cw this drama from now on.

So it seems that only months before ARR officially joined, the "institute" he worked for produced a report titled:
"Network-Enabled Anarchy: How Militant Anarcho-Socialist Networks Use Social Media to Instigate Widespread Violence Against Political Opponents and Law Enforcement"

Which includes the quote:
"On social media, memes images, videos, and/or slogans permit extremists to plant hateful,
antisemitic and/or revolutionary ideas in the public eye."

Obvs using the liberal style horseshoe theory[1] bullshit, as we can see on the helpful little graph.

Lastly they mapped the increase in "outright slurs like fuckthepolice and pigs"...

I think I need to have a little nap.

[1]Described in abeautifulresistance.org/site/

(chi.st/nrg) is moving along to new pieces!

Before we begin on something new I'd like to have a day where we meet and have some meta-conversations, such as; scheduling stuff, reading group queue suggestions, vague topics of interest, and whatever else!

I'd like to invited people who haven't been to a reading group session but would like to to come and chime in as well! We're very friendly and if it sounds interesting we'd love to have you :)

So on Sunday March 21st at 6 pm CST we will meet over jitsi and chat! See you then :)

Reading group today!

We will be wrapping up with the last 40 pages of the Unique and its Property and this reading group session will also serve as the finale to this book.

If you've read it, participated in reading group at some point, or are just feeling like it you're invited to join! We are meeting at 6pm CST today via jitsi.

Bring your thoughts of individuality, egoism, ownness and the unique! I look forward to hearing from you :stirner:


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