Mood (I’m Smudge and there’s a few things that are Baobao 😊)

Crawled into the gutter to put this one up. Fuck cops :acab:

It’s a pretty Lib town, so I’m not going for anything too serious but each gets a couple points off that I’m pleased with.

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In the effort of keeping the wholesome side of things represented, here’s a cartoon of BaoBao someone drew for me :)

Just did a trial zine using a sewing machine and it looks great! I used cardstock for the cover and basic paper for the pages.

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This was such a nice read.
I loved the way interviewees interwove stories of indigeneity and of anarchism. I will be going back to this for a while.

Twitter, raccon dog testicles 


death zine 

Really hoping I can get a copy of this from the website, but has anybody seen one online anywhere?

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