The anarcho-nihilist position is NOT essentially that we are fucked. Essentializing the perspective will only lead to pain.


I don't mean to say that we are not not fucked, simply that I'm not a fan of any sloganeered version of ideas, particularly of the nihilist cosmology.

It's true that a fundamental premise of an anarcho-nihilist position has to do with a realistic appraisal of the world and our place in it, like the next line from blessed is the flame says:
"That the current manifestation of human society (civilization, leviathan, industrial society, global capitalism, whatever) is beyond salvation, and so our response to it should be one of unmitigated hostility."
But to define it as hell on earth, or some other miserable existence against which the only retaliation is war is far too simplistic and as I've previously said, I'm not fond of the fixation on that line of imagination.

Instead I often think of underground ceremonies held by captives of the residential school systems, moments of intimacy and play stolen by prisoners of all kinds, or the people raving in ukraine while bombs explode overhead, as more interesting examples of some kind of nihilism than the common tales.

*I dont mean to say we’re not fucked

@bugs I don’t think what you’re saying is antagonistic with bitf, I think it focused on attack as a form of jouissance because that’s what survived for a later generation to research, whereas those moments of rupture that weren’t focused on attack (in a direct physical sense, because the examples you’ve given are also of attack of a sort and also of unmitigated hostility) weren’t catalogued or spoken of in the same ways, I could be totally wrong about that. But I don’t think to attack is to commit to miserablism, and I don’t think people should view it that way, that type of thinking does sound antithetical to bitf. I do think we’re fucked, but that doesn’t mean every moment of our lives has to be misery, in fact I think dialoguing with that sentiment is really important and helps me to act now in a way that helps me create moments of joy, and in the case of a very desperate person living within a lager maybe attack was the only option left to experience a moment of joy.

@stomachxache I very much appreciate what you said and think it stands on it's own so I won't really respond to it.

I should clarify though that much of what inspired the initial post has to do with the "branding" of anarcho-nihilism and was in response to an instagram post lol. I'm not interested in branding and so am opposed to it in general but have specific issue with the common notion of a militant "attack" side of nihilism, which has felt quite useless to me in daily life. I still do like attack as you've framed it though, a certain sense of "despite".

@bugs def agree, funny how people (especially online) care so much about political identity that they are constantly trying to graft new ones onto people who tend to eschew identity. Also instagram is literally the worst and I am way too guilty of engaging with people in the comment section of infographics when I absolutely shouldn’t whoops :/

@bugs a bitf type text focusing on those acts of resistance you described would be amazing. I’m sure something exists along those lines at least partially but it’d be amazing to catalogue those. I do think you’re absolutely right that a hyper focus on militancy is whack and obviously many within our various milieus fetishize physical resistance to the detriment of all else.

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