Marketing companies have really weaponized open platforms haven't they?

So far on I've had to delete accounts made to manipulate SEO in the service of; steroids, credit card info, random meds I forget, an injury lawyer, an SEO boosting company??? 5 times!, and a document management.


Someones gotta be trolling me. In the past 3 days there has been a skills training thing, a neck massage product, and a mortgage calculator

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@bugs if I create radio show as in real am/fm show will you be on it?

@Funnyghost88 Hi stranger, I think I'd need to know a bit more about you/it before saying one way or the other.

@bugs I would just need people who are passionate about 'selling' ideas, not really products, but 'ideas' or mindsets to general public...passion I can work with...just remember me in a few weeks please...thanks.

@bugs What people need right now is 'idea warriors'...a term I just invented...Idea warriors is what people need and hunger shut in do to covid ect.
Remember me in a few weeks please.

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