Thinking about how the OG anarchists used to share their full names and addresses and had huge letter writing networks.
I’d love to read a critique of security culture based in this that still addresses the reality of the day.
Maybe I should write that lol....

I think part of it is how hard it is to establish trust comparatively. Considering the legacy of state repression and all that. I’d love to hear thoughts though!

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@bugs I've been thinking about this hard problem... I've imagined a vouching system, perhaps on a blockchain (ethereum?)

@another_i Vouching seems to be already the prominent method, and it has it's issues. Maybe we need a more or better system, but I'm leaning more towards the fuck it model.
As far as a blockchain.... let's just say I could count on one hand the amount of anarchists I know who even know what a GPU is.

@bugs re: blockchain. Yeah, that's also why I lean towards fuck it. Also, maybe security culture is too paranoid? If we're not discussing DA, what does it matter? I don't want to dox myself publically, but sharing contact details with new relationships, I feel shouldn't be incumbered by security culture.

@bugs there was a thing in a city I lived in called the post post. It was basically a decentralized distribution system. I think it was largely for publications but I'm confident you could make an informal/mutual/voluntary letter delivery network.

@nausikaa love that name so much. I would be a little nervous handing my personal mail to a network of radicals though lol.

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