A friend and I are going to be starting an audio distro thing soon!
I'm looking for suggestions of shortish pieces that I should read, ideally ones that haven't already been done by resonance, audio anarchy, or other things similar projects.
If you think it might be too long that's fine too! Send it my way anyways and I might get to it some day.

@bugs amazing! I'm down to narrate some things as well if you're looking for more people!

I'd recommend:
- anything from feral revolution
- Ursula k le guin's carrier bag theory of fiction
- anything from any black seed
- anything from baeden
- desert
- attentat
- a lot of pieces from uncivilized: the best of GA are quite short and good

I'm gonna think of some more, I'm too excited about this. Will reply later XD

@mycelia Yeah that would be fantastic! I'll dm you with the details when things have moved out of the planning faze.
Thanks for the list, now I have too many things I want to do lol

@bugs yes please. I rely on audio distros a lot for my readings.
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