Anarchist links!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, the focus was to give a tagged place to view other spaces online. By all means please add to it.

The first tag is the primary language of the site.
The second will be either country of focus or specific topic of interest.
News - the link reports on current events with minimal analysis.
Archive - collects old, rare works and shares access
Blog - websites publish analysis and original content i.e. articles on topics, critiques, etc.
Distro - they either publish their own or collect zines from other sources and republish them
Directory - links to a large number of external projects
Publisher - publishes books and zines for sale
Zines - has a few zines
Store - seels merchandise and other non-literature things
Library - huge amount of texts available digitally [multilingual, news, directory, distro] [en, prison, news, distro] [multilingual, news] [en, publisher, store] [en, revolutionary, news] [multilingual, library, directory] [en, news, social, media, distro]
anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.or [en, news] [en, learning] [en, chat] [it/en, news, distro, library, directory] [es, blog] [es, south-america, podcast, zines, news]
armthespiritforrevolutionaryre [en, revolutionary, archive, library, distro] [fa, afghanistan, iran, news] [multilingual, news] [en, autonomy, news] [en, england, revolutionary, news] [de, switzerland, news] [en, canada, news]
blackautonomynetwork.noblogs.o [en, blackness, zines] [multilingual, news/blog, directory] [es, news/blog, distro] [multilingual, news/blog, media, distro, store] [pl, news] [en, prison, anti-racism, australia, zines, blog] [en/de, news/blog, store] [en, activism, news] [multilingual, media] [en, publisher, store] [it, zines, news] [en/fr, canada, news/blog, zines] [multilingual, nihilism, social] [multilingual, blog, directory] [en, canada, news]
postromanticqueerwave.noblogs. [en, queer, distro, art]
publicacionrefractario.wordpre [es, prison, news] [en, us, news/blog, zines] [multilingual, social, news] [gr, insurrection, news/blog] [fr, insurrection, news, directory] [en, distro] [multilingual, media] [en, media] [en, library, directory] [en, us, news] [en, history, archive]
warriorpublications.wordpress. [en, canada, indigenous, news] [en, green-anarchy, distro]

@bugs locally there's [en, us, news]

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