I wonder what I would do if I had no calendar. If making plans was as simple as “come by when you want”. The phantasm of time is certainly the noisiest ghost in my head.

Is time a spook? That could be quite a fun conversation.

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@bugs one of my favourite essays on this:

Seriously though. I feel more chained to the clock than to almost anything else some days. My biggest complaint about daylight savings time is that it reminds me my life is controlled at the granularity of hours :blobcatmeltcry:

@mycelia @bugs I think I cannot help but sense a passing of time due to my limited perception as a human being. but I agree with wolfi that time is a spook, in that has become a method to force one's singularity/uniqueness/einzige (whichever preferred term) into a fixed continuity to be manipulated. I think the the unavoidable human perception (past to present) differs from the insistence on measurement (the spook of time).

@mycelia @bugs ,,,but of course the perception can be altered/broken in various ways through various practices.

@mycelia love that, it definitely speaks to a lot that I’ve been feeling.

These days the clock feels like an cruel overlord, punishing me with boredom or stress just for glancing at it’s slow movement. People tell me “If you could just fill the day you wouldn’t suffer at it’s hands” but I refuse to appease it. I’m still trapped by it’s logic, but while I bide my time I’m planning a way out.

@bugs I've been trying to think about what little insurrections against time would look like. Getting "stuck" on purpose and missing meetings? Staying out really late or waking up really early? Being somewhere I have no business to be at certain times? Physically attacking clocks? Playing pranks with newspapers?

Time is invisible but powerful and hard to attack. And it's wielded by both friends and foes.

@mycelia beyond attacking the time-keepers (fucking with bosses, sabotaging strictly scheduled industry, ddosing NTP servers lol) my imagination is failing me.

I’m mostly thinking think about song and dance as ways of subverting and taking control back over the passage of time for myself.

I’m going to try to think about this more, I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

@mycelia @bugs i think keeping your own schedule would be a simple way, if possible, especially with sleep.

@bugs i’d say, how is it not? but are we simply talking about hours and minutes?

personally in life i find time helpful as a simple grid where i can mark something. but i find the clock and the modern values assigned to time oppressive.

seasons, sunrises and sunsets mark time, but i have no problem with them.

@black_fox I definitely asked this while thinking that it is a spook. In the feral faun piece that @mycelia linked time is reframed as movement through space which is the (not really a) counterargument I imagined. But of course that’s reappropriating time so I’m all for it.

@black_fox @bugs "By chance or wisdom, the French language uses a single word, temps, for the time that passes and for the weather outside, a product of climate and of what our ancestors called meteors." --Michel Serres, "The Natural Contract"

@black_fox @bugs weird timing too, as I just started reading it today.. ⏱️ ☄️

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