Could someone point me to any resources on what machines/tools small scale book printers use?
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Updating this with some basic info I’ve found. S/O to Contagion Press for posting parts of their process and also for publishing fantastic books.

A big thing is having a printer (obvs). There’s many different types and they range in price drastically. On the lower end snatching a second hand business grade inkjet/laserjet printer will run you around 500$. And can get the job done. No idea which models/makes are worthwhile.

Next up, cutters

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Cutters, like everything in this list also come in many different flavors. Manual ones are fairly inexpensive, on ebay you can find a "heavy duty guillotine paper cutter" for around 150$. Judging by a video I found on youtube of one of these in action they can cut around 150 sheets without issue.

Lastly, binding.
Most books you see are "perfect-bound" which is what I'm shooting for. You can find thermal binders online for around 500$ and they seem to get the job done.

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Even cheaper + Covers

Of course, if you have a consumer printer and a sewing machine you can get some very nice looking small zines! Which is my plan for the time being.

Also, if you're putting all this work/money into getting a print setup obviously you're going to want some beautiful covers! You could opt for something like risograph printing which gives nice prints for a fairly low cost. Or try and form a relationship with a printshop that will let you use their letterpress.

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Just did a trial zine using a sewing machine and it looks great! I used cardstock for the cover and basic paper for the pages.

@bugs i’ve made lotsa booklets like this. i used box cutters, 1M steel ruler, and big strong rubber drawing pad for trimming. nothing else worked as well for me.

@mousebot you really don’t need anything fancy to get a sweet looking booklet. Someones stealing me a long arm stapler soon so I’ll be set

@bugs i had friends who sewed but i always stapled. lotsa staplers can handle a5 booklets

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