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If you need to contact me via email
[bugs {at}]
My PGP key can be found at or you can use my age key

Had thought of a really clever attack on mass politics specifically the Overton Window, but I forgot.

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A Suggestion On How To Move Forward: Surveying 

Surveying is a collective and cooperative reading method. If interest is made manifest (through responses to this post), I propose we organize a preliminary meeting in December 2021, and begin surveying texts of interest in 2022.

In short: we choose a text that is a priori complex and we share it among the participants. Everyone reads their part, then we meet to discuss it collectively, share, criticize, open the reading to our own experiences.

The key point is that each participant reads a different section of the text, so that the meeting (ideally) ends with each person present having an individual and collective sense of the whole text.

Stemming from French working-class culture at the end of the 19th century, land surveying was put into practice by resistance fighters during the Second World War, then disseminated more widely by various popular education movements until today. The survey is not just a summary or an analysis; it also makes the link between theory and practice, between reading and experience.

It therefore stimulates cooperation but also the highlighting of differences in interpretation, and encourages participants to reflect on a subject beyond merely reading out of interest in the subject itself. Beyond its analytical interest, surveying is also a dynamic and proactive working method, far from the analyzes of classic texts and their preconceived criteria.


I decided against it as it seems like a bigger project than anticipated. I did give the thing a better resting place than on the side of the road at least

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The first one of you fuckers to make and send me a video (any length at all) that you made so I can screen it, I will send many stickers to that person and also some dirt from my pot. Anarchist film doesn’t exist so this is how we gotta do it.

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Krampus (Imagery) 

I think I want to celebrate Krampus this year on the night of December 5th? Like drop off wicked presents to people (friend or foe) anonymously? Maybe use one of these images as a postcard and wrap the gifts in black? I think that would be cute. Just an idea. Let me know which image you like more. Also if you have any ideas you would like to share and are thinking about participating yourself I would love to hear! 👹

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On the first Friday of every month, we have a Joyful Resistance meeting. For more information, check the following webpage for English:

So someone dumped a deerskin on the side of the road, and I’m wondering if I could do anything with it.
The head is still intact but the body is really clean, and I think it’s been there for less than a day.
So I’m wondering if it’s worth lugging home and working on? How difficult is the tanning process and what stuff would I need?

Stuck on a chicken and egg problem with this world and the next

Telling you about my x230 flashed with heads and running Qubes is self-incrimination

Some people really don't consider an anarchism resistant to both being ruled AND ruling and it shows.

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Wired a new dryer cord onto this dryer. 20% confident. Anybody wanna tell me if this is okay? I’m positive I’ve asked the right crowd.

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Putting up a quick . Might come back to pin a better one.

First: Yes, we moved! Wanted a bit cozier of a space.

Second: We're a collective of international anarchists who are trying our best to create a space that will foster anarchist education wherever people are.

This means we want to help create links between different communities, support a range of initiatives that enable people to break free from the system, and share as many experiences and tools as possible.

We don't want to focus on theory (though many of us enjoy it). We want to see action, to encourage action, and to see how those actions create new theory, build upon existing ideas, or tear it apart.

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“the system is functioning as designed” is a fine enough statement but without saying something about abolishment people will just interpret your statement as a call for reform

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If politics are ballot boxes and barrels of guns, then we must strive for its opposite: an anti-politics that rejects the implication that we must be led or ruled whether legitimated by ballots or guns.

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