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If you need to contact me via email
[bugs {at}]
My PGP key can be found at or you can use my age key

Someone slapped up a “Never Work” sticker on my block 👀 I wish they left a phone number

Boss is mad cuz I’m only giving one week lol

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I got another one but still feels kinda good lol

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My favourite part of science fiction is the almost universal freedom to roam

Yep that’s me, for the good and against the bad

I thought of something really good and clever. It was a thought that, had I wrote it down, would have have made many people laugh, give them pleasure, and make them think of things differently. Too bad I let it fade. Suckers

If anybody was having issues The anarchist Libraries’ onion site should be accessible again

😎, alc 

Did a beer bong while getting a tattoo by my cousin the other day

I'm a buffoon, should be only one or two minutes folks :blacker_heart:

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I.... Somehow I went through all the steps but didn't update the instance? Be right back

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