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I have set up an email for people to get a hold of me.
[abugs {at} pm {dot} me]
My PGP key can be found at or you can use my age key

The lemmy lead dev has mastodon. Uh-oh

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CURRENT Invasion of Wet'suwet'en Nation by Canada 1/n 

Kinda grossed out by hearing a conversation about abolishing police go straight into a “how we can solve our own problems” thing... I guess I just don’t like the implication that cops solve any problems [unless ur rich n white] :acab:

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anarchism, negation 

“the tourists who see this river will never step in that one... the blood-red river ringed with wildfire... or the rise and fall of little waves like one obedient generation after another”

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The older one grabbed Bell Hooks Outlaw Culture off the shelf to read at school. I wonder what he’ll make of it

I always avoided JZ because he seemed so granola. But maybe he deserves a second shot

This civilization shit sucks. Booooo :molotov:

The little one keeps calling Baobao she/her even though everyone else uses he/him, and I love it :genderfluid_flag: :nonbinary_flag: :genderfluid_flag: :nonbinary_flag:

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repairs and parts support gathering. boost boost boost! 

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It’s so funny that youtube has made kids think dumpster diving=free iphones. When I tell them I dumpster their eyes light up! Them finding out it’s mostly rooting through moldy baked goods must be like reading society of the spectacle but for 8 year olds.


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