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If you need to contact me via email
[bugs {at}]
My PGP key can be found at or you can use my age key

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Added a bunch of random emojo's today :blob_pat_anar_raccoon: I am sure I missed plenty of cool/useful ones so feel free to request any you'd like! Just reply to this with or dm me a link to ones you find

Welcome @LettuceLeafer to! If you have any questions let me know :blobboing:

Friendly reminder that police unions/cops in general are very easy to hack! And are more susceptible to ddos than most websites these days

Gonna boost some of my 3 day old toots at some point



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I jokingly suggested this handle as a name for a kitten and everyone actually loves it. So expect to see a cute little Bug soon :blobmiou:

Is it just me or the idea of “radicalizing people” seem very sus?

I can’t wait to tell work I’m not coming back 😀😀😀😀

Choose your poison

Gonna get some Nietzsche I think. Paired with the Kaneko Fumiko lit that’s in the mail I’m in for a bumpy ride :blobraccoonpeekderp:

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Realizing that the nature of finding people on fedi is a lot like meeting people irl. With no search function you only run into “friends of friends” and widen your circles by interacting

Heading into the city this week obviously I’ll be stopping at the anarchist bookstore while I’m there.
Any book recommendations? Anything is welcome

Slowly building up a cheapo second hang pc. Its been like a year but its still better than paying cost

Just did a trial zine using a sewing machine and it looks great! I used cardstock for the cover and basic paper for the pages.

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I wanna get more users but I’m not totally sure how. Any suggestions?

Even cheaper + Covers

Of course, if you have a consumer printer and a sewing machine you can get some very nice looking small zines! Which is my plan for the time being.

Also, if you're putting all this work/money into getting a print setup obviously you're going to want some beautiful covers! You could opt for something like risograph printing which gives nice prints for a fairly low cost. Or try and form a relationship with a printshop that will let you use their letterpress.

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Cutters, like everything in this list also come in many different flavors. Manual ones are fairly inexpensive, on ebay you can find a "heavy duty guillotine paper cutter" for around 150$. Judging by a video I found on youtube of one of these in action they can cut around 150 sheets without issue.

Lastly, binding.
Most books you see are "perfect-bound" which is what I'm shooting for. You can find thermal binders online for around 500$ and they seem to get the job done.

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Updating this with some basic info I’ve found. S/O to Contagion Press for posting parts of their process and also for publishing fantastic books.

A big thing is having a printer (obvs). There’s many different types and they range in price drastically. On the lower end snatching a second hand business grade inkjet/laserjet printer will run you around 500$. And can get the job done. No idea which models/makes are worthwhile.

Next up, cutters

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