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If you need to contact me via email
[bugs {at}]
My PGP key can be found at or you can use my age key

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:anarchistflagblack: :ecoanarchism_heart: :aaaa_trans: :acab: :blob_anar_raccoon: :smuglain: :crt_w_prompt: :_earth: :knife_lgbt: :heart_cyber: :anarchism: :vegananarchism: :goldman: :netkitty: :real_gun_r:
Added a bunch of random emojo's today :blob_pat_anar_raccoon: I am sure I missed plenty of cool/useful ones so feel free to request any you'd like! Just reply to this with or dm me a link to ones you find

Me when I try to compare my understanding of things to other peoples

pandemic related 

My favorite thing about this pandemic has been not having to shake peoples hands, I absolutely hate that shit.

I have to toot more than the users onhere or else they become the admin

might have to wait a day or two 

Anyone wanna see a frog?

ML’s be like: dialectical imperialism

Burn down the fucking prisons, tear down their fucking walls, and dynamite the foundations


Biting people so I can get put down

The only true feral land project is one that takes months to hike to

“You can’t fly a plane without a left and right wing”
You heard them, my politics is a submarine!

I made a liberapay today! If you have a couple bucks to spare, and you want to send me some financial love feel free.
I'm totally fine to keep paying all the bills, and seeing you all use this site makes it worth it for me, so don't ever feel obligated.
It would just help encourage me a little bit to work on expanding infrastructure (and maybe that pixelfed server will come a bit sooner :flow_wink:).

Wow Alone is right up my alley, wish I heard about it sooner! Lots of great info in this show

This is so much fun!!! I have no upper body strength though so I need a lot more practice

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We got any archers ?

I am going to take a couple classes but would love some beginner recommendations!

Damn Backwoods issue 1 is pretty decent

has anyone done this yet 

69 gecs

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