I'm starting to think that disease and therefore disease control within civ has had a greater effect on technologies of social control that has been stated previously.

A great number of modern diseases that we recognize today likely originated as early as the first civilizations. Archeological studies of global population show that these diseases wiped out uncivilized populations at roughly the same rate as civilized populations grew from 12000 bp to 7000 bp. How the fact of disease effected social consciousness of us/them, self/other, civilized/uncivilized seems undeniable to me. The inversion of civ being a physical incubator of disease that inflicts itself on everything else into civ being a bastion of hygienic standards assaulted by unhygienic outsiders ultimately transforms the fear of being sick and dying into the fear of being abnormal and socially dying.

@blowdart_the_police this line of thought is really interesting if you pursue it further let us know!

@blowdart_the_police I've heard it said that the black death created a new paradigm of statecraft, specifically militarized & bureaucratized borders. I'm so curious what the plagues before that begot.

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