Backwoods 1, Invitation to Desertion comments 

There's some banger shit in Invitation to Desertion, but upon re-read i really dont think it lives up to the intention of being an open invitation to anyone who resonates with the Backwoods thesis. rather BFs inflammatory critique of idpol leftism in contrast with an almost sympathetic critique of the alt-right is hugely offputting imo. I can see where he is coming from with Bay Area social anarchist scene and it makes sense he has a sophisticated critique from the inside whereas he does not for the other, but toning down the hostility would make it look less like he's trying to appeal to fash over leftists. The text also is just overburdened with insular jargon that i feel is difficult to discern and kinda distracting all in all. I seriously wish that B would just get to the point sometimes.

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re: Backwoods 1, Invitation to Desertion comments 

@blowdart_the_police Agreed. It needed an editor. If it was me, I'd have cut about a third of it, namely the long passages where B is just rehashing the anti-left talking points from Industrial Society and its Future. After that, what remained would be a real invitation.
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