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Rewilding my relationship to place by lowering property values

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When work and school are conducted entirely from home, the picket-line becomes immaterial, even non-existent when work and everyday life find no distinction. Pandemic was a pretense to establish digital learning and work from home as a new norm, but lasts as a way to separate and surveil potential dissent.

My housemate works in solar infrastructure engineering and the silicon chip shortage has halted in it's tracks one of the firms major projects. Pretty crazy to see the actual fragility of tech in the face of some simple shortages. The work of invisibilizing the materiality of tech has done it's job until now. This also confirms so deeply that solar is very far from some silver bullet and just as dependent on complex, resource-intensive supply chains as everything else.

Really stoked to have garlic planted this fall and have winter salad greens grown in between. Gonna be cute af

The greatest lesson of grad school is that academic credentials mean absolutely nothing. Some of the dumbest people I've ever met are grad students who are half a step away from earning their PhD. You can be an absolute moron with no capacity for critical thought whatsoever and still make it to the top of the educational hierarchy. The only thing that determines academic success is your capacity and willingness to submit yourself to the disciplinary mechanisms and standards of the university system. If you follow all the rules (and shill out enough money) you can make it to the top fairly easily.

Don’t forget I made a small video game. I remembered it last night and I’m still proud. Slightly glitchy but it could be worse. It’s a chore-quest (Zelda-y) thing about a culty town in the future governed by ghosts. Best played not on a phone but you can do little <^>v swipes to move ur character and advance dialogue if you’re on phone.

For how hellish the rest of the country seems in terms of weather, this July has been so temperate. It's even misting today. I think it's probably a combination of the mountains keeping the heat away and the sea buffering the temperature. I think this place may end up being a good spot for climate refuge if it doesn't burn down, maybe even if it does

Just found out my old university literally contracts architects that design prisons to build their dorms. Like I always thought they were designed pretty inhospitably but that is literally the intention they're going with to create conditions for surveillance and riot control.

Big ramble; critique of university, academia, reform 

Becoming settled in a college town I've found myself thinking a lot about the institutional management of class privileges. The way that Universities which appear at the very least benign are one of the most powerful manipulators of class dynamics. There is a more or less obvious dynamic where anyone who is capable of proving themselves in the academic machine is awarded the privilege of credentials and with that the potential of middle class income. It's never a guarantee, merely a carrot-on-a-stick leading to further humiliation and different forms of suffering which in itself push individuals through predetermined avenues of their chosen field or firm.
The deeply draconian aspect of the University shows itself in face of resistance from students and faculty. It will pride itself in the allowance of the free flow of diverse ideas, but the moment that ideas are brought to life, the rug can be pulled out from underfoot, no academic privileges or potential for advancement with all the debt still in place. This appropriately weeds out those who truly wish to stir dissent from those who believe that words are everything. When collective bargaining has been used to counter this form of retaliation, the University always has the upper hand in terms of resources and can simply wait out a strike as unions and individual students burn through their own reserves waiting for demands to be met. Even if this institution could be reformed, it would only become reformed to the extent that it tangibly increases the privileges of it's graduates. Resistance only crops up in mass because the value of a degree has been eroded so deeply and tuition has only increased. The more base function of the University as simply another process of domesticating dissatisfaction, and weeding out disobedience is revealed in a time where modern dormitories look much more obviously like jail cells. The University is not reformable, nor should it be; it has nothing left to offer and it's false promises are just that, but it's mythology holds strong on those who think there is a decent place for them in the refined offices of the middle class. Buying into it, even as a self-conscious radical; becoming a communist academic or working at the desks of a non-profit, is just further diverting one's dissatisfaction into a morally justifiable do-gooder position instead of directly addressing what is dissatisfying about everyday life. Its more wishful thinking to believe life can really be grasped without risk, without dispensing ones useless baggage. If your degree really is just a piece of paper to you, then prove it by leaving the path it led you down.

Denormalize everything. No more norms. Just weird, fucked up shit forever.

A great number of modern diseases that we recognize today likely originated as early as the first civilizations. Archeological studies of global population show that these diseases wiped out uncivilized populations at roughly the same rate as civilized populations grew from 12000 bp to 7000 bp. How the fact of disease effected social consciousness of us/them, self/other, civilized/uncivilized seems undeniable to me. The inversion of civ being a physical incubator of disease that inflicts itself on everything else into civ being a bastion of hygienic standards assaulted by unhygienic outsiders ultimately transforms the fear of being sick and dying into the fear of being abnormal and socially dying.

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I'm starting to think that disease and therefore disease control within civ has had a greater effect on technologies of social control that has been stated previously.

Masson and Bataille receiving their vision at Monserat:
"So... no head?"

Contagion Press did a full English translation of the Acéphale Journal

The only hope that ever exists for the autonomous territory is that it continues to be desirable for those still confined and that it urges them to desert, mutiny and maroon themselves while bringing as many others on their way out. The mere existence of the territory should shatter the illusory comfort of normality and possess the individual with their own dreams.

im taking note of all the black walnut and chestnut trees in my town, in hopes of scavenging a little nut harvest in the fall

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