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Rewilding my relationship to place by lowering property values

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What oddly brought me back to SoS was discussing the Tao Te Ching and thinking about the phenomena of naming things, separating then from each other by imposing human ideas of what they are, turning nature in useful resources and so on. Then thinking about the psychological effect of livng in a world that is made up almost entirely of things that already have these names and ideas implied by their production. The naming process coming full circle appears as all that there ever really was and this is essentially what is meant by the spectacle.

Returning to Society of the Spectacle, shouts out to the single anarchist at the Maoist book store that reccomended it to me like 4 years ago.

(where conflict is taken in the broadest sense and the worst is taken as abuse of power to the extent of say forming a monopoly on violence, where the violence of dissenters is a tool of self-consciously remembering what violence does to autonomous individuals and not the mere force of annihilating others)

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Dreaming of a world where the worst of conflicts are resolved with rocks and sticks

Spending hours adjusting my clown nose before heading out onto the Job Market™

liquidating capital by pouring acid on infrastructure

Backwoods 1, Invitation to Desertion comments 

There's some banger shit in Invitation to Desertion, but upon re-read i really dont think it lives up to the intention of being an open invitation to anyone who resonates with the Backwoods thesis. rather BFs inflammatory critique of idpol leftism in contrast with an almost sympathetic critique of the alt-right is hugely offputting imo. I can see where he is coming from with Bay Area social anarchist scene and it makes sense he has a sophisticated critique from the inside whereas he does not for the other, but toning down the hostility would make it look less like he's trying to appeal to fash over leftists. The text also is just overburdened with insular jargon that i feel is difficult to discern and kinda distracting all in all. I seriously wish that B would just get to the point sometimes.

If you missed it, I made a 30 minute game called Bolo’bolo and it plays better not on a phone. There is a character named Rowdy Boy Jim who is potentially crucial to the narrative if that sways you.

Seeing so many plants respond to the dry heat with flowering. It's the closest thing I can imagine for how they might resign themselves to inevitability or panic in the face of doom

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Firetrucks blaring all afternoon yesterday. Fire season's here baby

(Okay it won't let me share the image but it's a cool dugout shelter diagram)

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Catch me living out of one of these, stuffing my larder with acorns and filberts, whatever survives the fires
(Dwelling Portably 1990-1999, Microcosm publishing)

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It's 80 degrees, feels like summer, everything is blooming yet so many trees are just waking up from winter. Time to learn how to build an earthship home.

When that first cup of coffee in more than a week hits

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