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all the kardashian/jenner kids so clearly don't want to be filmed anymore but kris made a deal with some crossroads demon and now they owe hollywood 10000 years for their souls

i went to an in person show for the first time since pre-pandemic, & i bopped around to heavy screaming noise music (while double masking away from other people) & I had the best frickin time my dudes

ISO: someone to teach me how to buy bitcoin and use a bitcoin wallet 😭

the ad site I use had to stop accepting visa + my credit union won't approve purchases from their site, like damn didnt think id personally be affected by usa s*x w*rk laws but guess I am 😬😬😭😭😭

all the good ad sites use bitcoin now anyway. I have cashapp & want to use that to buy / use bitcoin, I can send you bitcoin in thanks once I learn lmao

[NSFW] slowly, slowly, I begin to be comfortable with my top surgery scars

it's A. Tony's bday!!!! A. Tony is a wonderful friend, a powerful creative and orator, and a goshdang JOY to know and love! If you've got some free time or some funds, pls check out this lil graphic for his special day! (also drop animal pics in this thread as requested lmao) 🖤💖🖤💖 @wenotfreeyet 🖤💖🖤💖

thinkin abt how ppl gotta villianize addicts + ppl w "crazy" mental illness + ppl who are "weird" disabled bc they're scared it could happen to them, they're scared that they will become the people they mock + look down on, they're terrified they will lose the protection of these privileges, to be able to move through the world judging people indescriminately, they are so scared to be laughed at by someone who is them.

im still trying to use this site like twitter but idk if it works like that?? help??

see a proud boy or nazi in public?
ridicule. belittle. attack.
time to show them whats up.

but like. JK Rowling melted down on twitter so hard that even liberals looked at it like "yikes" and started re-evaluating the whole series from a more critical lens. Harry Potter was a cultural mainstay and now it's practically taboo to mention. I cant think of anything else quite like it

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did we decide "spooky" 's associations with antiblackness are not relevant enough to stop using the term then? i'm not snarking, this is a genuine question

if you want to commission me now is the time pwease so i can pay for 3k in dental work

i can paint portraits, pets, nudes, whatever, just dm me! i can work in any budget

or if you just think im hot and cool $bewitchyourmind is my cash app

When viewing apartment listings, it always helps to have an eye for detail

oh wow, was as late as 2017 when I stopped using this invoice indiscriminately

I wish my wings would sprout already my shoulders are killing me


Today is a good day to remember that Olaf Schoiz, who is probably going to become Germany's next chancellor, has been personally responsible for the bloody suppression of the anti-G20 protests in Hamburg 2017 and had the entire city drowned in tear gas and pepper spray because he feared that the rich could be bothered by protesters exercising their right to freedom of expression.

Those of us who were there and got our heads smashed in by the cops for standing at a street corner with a banner won't forget.

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