I keep getting zuccked on the birdsite 👿👿👿🤬🤬🤬 fuckin sesta/fosta. fuckin abortion law regression. fuckin IT ALL. how are swrs supposed to make a living out here. my disabled ass is having such a hard time keeping up w/ my physical labor civ job (since I'm a f*lon & can't get hired for anything not labor intensive lmao) & I'd rly like to level the playing field for my body w/ advertising sw services. switters dead, bp is dead, tryst is the new slixa, rentmen is so much just for p0rn workers lol. being visibly trans & chronically disabled & mentally disordered & legally felonious is feeling heavier than usual. but like, heavy-angry, more than heavy-sad. anyway if I posted ads here, would anyone boost them?? is that a thing?? where are the other instances??

@dexiheart I didn't mean to like all ur next gen thoughts, I was just liking the ones that made me Think & then suddenly it was all of them lol

been applying for jobs non-fucking-stop and I keep getting different versions of this response 🥲

@ChristiJunior I know this is a troll post meant to upset me, but I'm cracking tf up bc this is literally all correct lmaooooooooooo

@Pixley look at that silly face, is that the face of someone who knows what they're doing?? 😂

@riotmuffin HAHAHAHA that is the opposite of a degree I would get 😂😂 thank you for the welcome!! we shall be an army of birds, shitting vengeance 😈


hey I'm Bird - pronouns are either my name or THEY/THEM/THEIRS unless I've told you otherwise

this profile is so if you're under 18 please don't interact with this profile or contact me in any capacity. this is for everyone's wellbeing :)

I'm a white disabled transsexual s3x w0rk3r existing & cat-parenting on stolen lenapehoking.

I made poems, zines, websites, experiences, jokes, noises, & designs.
mostly I talk about prison abolition & drug$ lmao

ask me about my gender/sexuality/criminal record/bachelor's degree~


[sw-adjacent profiles lol]

PayPal - flirtwithchaos@gmail.com
Venmo - chaosxtheory
Cashapp - $chaosxtheory
LiberaPay - @/bird
SpankPay - @/dax

- - -
if you made it this far, HEY!! nice to meet you, friend :) welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay!! <3

biked 4 miles today after not biking for over a year. my sciatica has been feeling a lot better (even tho the numbness in my leg hasn't changed) but now my lower back is k i l l i n g me 🥲

mh, medication 

ever since I changed the time of day I was taking my 2nd dose of meds (I now just take it with my 1st dose lmfao), I've been wildly more productive, which so far the people in my life have attributed to mania, but today I was depressed AND productive, so ????¿¿¿ maybe it's not mania maybe it's the meds lmao

currently annoyed that the app doesn't appear to have an option to copy or cut a piece of audio from one project and paste it into another. am I crazy, or should this be a thing for audio mixing applications?? I haven't tried it on a desktop yet tho, maybe I'll be able to figure it out there

drug mention 

@iitalics I will be absolutely be using this next time I'm on fedi & tripping 👐

currently: reading a 900 page book on Mary Queen Of Scotts while (re)watching S1 of Deep Space 9

oh no not me crying at Odo describing the gloriousness of existence to his pseudo-baby -- "I promise I'll never treat you the way I was treated"

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