been applying for jobs non-fucking-stop and I keep getting different versions of this response 🥲


hey I'm Bird - pronouns are either my name or THEY/THEM/THEIRS unless I've told you otherwise

this profile is so if you're under 18 please don't interact with this profile or contact me in any capacity. this is for everyone's wellbeing :)

I'm a white disabled transsexual s3x w0rk3r existing & cat-parenting on stolen lenapehoking.

I made poems, zines, websites, experiences, jokes, noises, & designs.
mostly I talk about prison abolition & drug$ lmao

ask me about my gender/sexuality/criminal record/bachelor's degree~


[sw-adjacent profiles lol]

PayPal -
Venmo - chaosxtheory
Cashapp - $chaosxtheory
LiberaPay - @/bird
SpankPay - @/dax

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if you made it this far, HEY!! nice to meet you, friend :) welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay!! <3

I can't believe this is a real cat that lives with me and not a stuffed animal

[NSFW] slowly, slowly, I begin to be comfortable with my top surgery scars

it's A. Tony's bday!!!! A. Tony is a wonderful friend, a powerful creative and orator, and a goshdang JOY to know and love! If you've got some free time or some funds, pls check out this lil graphic for his special day! (also drop animal pics in this thread as requested lmao) 🖤💖🖤💖 @wenotfreeyet 🖤💖🖤💖

awwweee, is my widdle wandword begging us to pay rent for a place that has continuous mold damage ?? and now it's on the INTWERNET, how embawassingggggggg

just in time for the (EST) end of !! meet Hoagie, who is a sleepy hunk and clown prince who was welcomed into our house/hearts almost a year ago after appearing on our porch one morning like an angel from above 💖✨🌟💫🔥😻 is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.