Some fungi from my walk in the forest the other day. Not always easy to spot these sorts of things in a beleaguered forest that is within the greater metropolitan area of a massive city and has been hugely altered and cultivated by humans for centuries, sigh.

I think the one on the right is a common earthball. Still trying to identify the ones on the left.

I find it odd and almost uncomfortable that I can't readily identify species as I didn't grow up in this country and have basically no familiarity with the species here. Not being familiar with them, with which ones are found together and how they interact, it almost feels like I don't know the local language and can't properly engage with the things around me. But I'll keep learning.

The wood lice outside my front door are like a handful of eyes away from being tiny Miyazaki ohmu.

Hey everyone, I'm looking forward to exploring and finding the various pockets of the Fediverse that can give my brain what it needs, i.e. primarily some intertwined combination of art, ecology, and the complete destruction of all the hegemonic, violent, exploitative, extractive establishment structures of society. :blobmeltsoblove:

Sometimes I'll be posting my art, which at the moment is primarily nature-centric photo-collages, often featuring the group of wood lice/pill bugs that have turned up in the tiny concrete courtyard outside my front door to eat some of the composting vegetation there. is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.