"... every individual garden has its own moral economy where the horticulturalist plays god – policing the behavior of various species through propagation and extermination, in order to create an image of paradise. Above all else, this is a system of controlled copulation: a regulated sexual logic in which plants perform for the pleasure of the human observer’s hedonistic gaze. Far from a benevolent ruler, the gardener cons certain chosen plants into producing sexual displays for his own pleasure. Refusing to conform to this functional promiscuity, weeds conduct sinful sexual practices. When discovered, they represent a threat to the moral and sexual sovereignty of the garden and must be eradicated."

-- Queer Undergrowth: Weeds and Sexuality in the Architecture of the Garden

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@auga interesting stuff, thanks for sharing. reminds me of James C Scott's investigations of statist logic behind agricultural practices at a smaller scale.

@caspar Yeah, I can see the similarities too. There are definitely gardeners who take that sort of administrative approach in applying a really reductive plan to a space in order to control it, and any deviation from or resistance to that plan is dealt with violently. In another paper I was reading, one of the gardeners being interviewed was literally saying their spouse's favourite thing to do in the garden was "crush, kill, destroy" anything that they felt didn't belong there according to their plans. A revealing choice of language...

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