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In a few short centuries, industrial civilization had spread from the western fringes of Eurasia to sprawl across the face of the planet. Plundering the soil of its riches, fouling the air, and remolding life-forms at will, this gargantuan industrial society had already peaked a thousand years after its foundation: Ahead lay abrupt and violent decline.

Some fungi from my walk in the forest the other day. Not always easy to spot these sorts of things in a beleaguered forest that is within the greater metropolitan area of a massive city and has been hugely altered and cultivated by humans for centuries, sigh.

I think the one on the right is a common earthball. Still trying to identify the ones on the left.

I find it odd and almost uncomfortable that I can't readily identify species as I didn't grow up in this country and have basically no familiarity with the species here. Not being familiar with them, with which ones are found together and how they interact, it almost feels like I don't know the local language and can't properly engage with the things around me. But I'll keep learning.

Out of perverse curiosity I had a go at reading a solarpunk short story, and it mainly involved the protagonist going to a conference centre to pitch their small business idea in the hope of someone investing in their business so it could expand. Good to see as always how much the current system impoverishes people's imaginations. Cool. Great. Fantastic.

I can feel myself decomposing and I'm fine with it.

'Hearken unto me, fellow creatures. I who have dwelt in a form unmatched with my desire, I whose flesh has become an assemblage of incongruous anatomical parts, I who achieve the similitude of a natural body only through an unnatural process, I offer you this warning: the Nature you bedevil me with is a lie. Do not trust it to protect you from what I represent, for it is a fabrication that cloaks the groundlessness of the privilege you seek to maintain for yourself at my expense. You are as constructed as me; the same anarchic womb has birthed us both. I call upon you to investigate your nature as I have been compelled to confront mine. I challenge you to risk abjections and flourish as well as have I. Heed my words, and you may well discover the seams and sutures in yourself.'

-- Susan Stryker, My Words To Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Performing Transgender Rage

And it turns out these common wood lice are another invertebrate that gets infected by the endosymbiont Wolbachia bacteria, resulting in genetically male bugs becoming functionally female. Interesting to read about:

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One leg in the online opiated trance of infinite information, the other in the overgrown wildness beyond the dark forest wall

"We slide through the flesh world without being touched or moved. We shepherd our emptiness from place to place."

Adding that to my email signature.

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"Incongruous architecture, the ghosts of vanished ideals, the vista of a dead future: these are the remains of the university. Among these remains, most of us are little more than a collection of querulous habits and duties. We go through the motions of our tests and assignments with a kind of thoughtless and immutable obedience propped up by subvocalized resentments. Nothing is interesting, nothing can make itself felt. The world-historical with its pageant of catastrophe is no more real than the windows in which it appears."

Communique from an Absent Future: The Terminus of Student Life
Research and Destroy

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"Otesánek is a Czech fairy tale created by Karel Jaromír Erben in the 19th century which tells the story of a fearsome and constantly hungry, living log of wood."

"... every individual garden has its own moral economy where the horticulturalist plays god – policing the behavior of various species through propagation and extermination, in order to create an image of paradise. Above all else, this is a system of controlled copulation: a regulated sexual logic in which plants perform for the pleasure of the human observer’s hedonistic gaze. Far from a benevolent ruler, the gardener cons certain chosen plants into producing sexual displays for his own pleasure. Refusing to conform to this functional promiscuity, weeds conduct sinful sexual practices. When discovered, they represent a threat to the moral and sexual sovereignty of the garden and must be eradicated."

-- Queer Undergrowth: Weeds and Sexuality in the Architecture of the Garden

And as should be the case, I hope the wood lice revolt against any arrogance and hubris I demonstrate in relating to them:

"In the film, the Ohmu are aggressive herd animals whose sole mission is to protect and extend the jungle so that it can continue to purify the earth. This facet of the film was problematic for Miyazaki, as it is a naïve perspective, one rooted in mankind’s inability to engage nature on its own terms. Our constant need to anthropomorphize and to look for rational causality and moral behavior in natural events estranges us further from it. In fact, he claims to have used a fungal setting full of bizarre insects in both the anime and the manga to frustrate the potential for his audience to recognize and identify with the environment and its denizens; he sought viewer estrangement rather than identification. In Nausicaä, mankind’s estrangement extends even to the nature of the Toxic Jungle, or Sea of Decay: the mycological dynamic implies rot, an uncontrollable rhizomatic decay that invisibly takes root and eats through the remains of man’s artificial environments. A regular jungle can be burned, tamed, colonized, reordered, and turned into a garden; Nausicaä effectively does this in her hidden room, where pure water (and, presumably, love and understanding) renders the plants safe and beautiful. But in the manga, the Sea of Decay revolts against mankind’s arrogance and hubris at even the cellular level."

-- Neutering the Monster, Pruning the Green: The Ecological Evolutions of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

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The wood lice outside my front door are like a handful of eyes away from being tiny Miyazaki ohmu.

Hey everyone, I'm looking forward to exploring and finding the various pockets of the Fediverse that can give my brain what it needs, i.e. primarily some intertwined combination of art, ecology, and the complete destruction of all the hegemonic, violent, exploitative, extractive establishment structures of society. :blobmeltsoblove:

Sometimes I'll be posting my art, which at the moment is primarily nature-centric photo-collages, often featuring the group of wood lice/pill bugs that have turned up in the tiny concrete courtyard outside my front door to eat some of the composting vegetation there. is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.